6 Easy Ways to Get Your Bored Cat Back on Their Feet

Cats are moody creatures, every cat owner knows that too well. One can even go so far as to say that cats consider humans to be inferior or even for staff or as funny can openers. Which, however, is only speculation and frankly we don’t care anyway. All we want is to keep our furry companions happy and full. Insiders know: That alone is difficult enough.

Where does the domestic cat as we know come from?

Domestic cats were believed to come from ancient Egypt because they honor these royal animals, but this may not be the case. The latest study from 2017 confirmed what was previously found – that cats were actually domesticated by farmers in the Middle East 9,000 years ago.

Cats naturally love to hike and play, so keeping them indoors is not their idea of fun. Although it is safer this way and doubles the average lifespan of a cat , it quickly gets boring. Cats respond to boredom by showing destructive behavior, urinating inappropriately, losing too much appetite, being lethargic, and sleeping all the time.

What to do if the cat is bored?

So you have to create a stimulating environment to overcome boredom. And that is actually not that difficult to achieve.

6 suggestions on how to take your boredom out of your room tiger

1. Window view – The big cinema for cats

Cats love to watch the outside world through the window. Sometimes it seems as if they haven’t moved away from their favorite place for days. That is why you need to make sure that they can easily access the window without breaking or injuring anything.

Place a blanket or pillow on the windowsill so your cat can lie comfortably there. If you don’t have a large windowsill, place or hang a cat basket next to the window. But always make sure that the cat can easily climb up and down without your help. But be careful: never leave a window open, not even overturning. Since cats are very curious and want to go outside, the window can either invite you to tidy it out or it can become a dangerous trap if the window is tilted. This is also particularly dangerous if you live in an apartment on a high floor.

2. Scratching post – The universal playground for all indoor cats

Usually, the main concern of future cat owners is how to prevent their pet from ruining their furniture. Cats do this to sharpen their claws, but also because they like to be naughty when bored. This is easy with cat trees solve that were developed specifically for this need.

There is a wide variety of these types of products on the market. Large and small, high and low, playful and classic, they are perfect for every home and come in different shapes. If you buy some wood and sisal rope, you can also build your own cat tree with a bit of imagination and craftsmanship . However, this is only something for hobby craftsmen, because the trade offers a variety of models that do not have to be expensive. But make sure you have sufficient quality when buying. Depending on the load, the joy of the scratching post is otherwise quickly over.

3. Climbing shelves – space-saving climbing landscapes invite you to climb

If you have enough space on the walls, you should consider adding additional shelves. You can put a few boards on top of each other so your cat can jump on them easily. Or you can build a shelf that can also be your cat’s climbing area.

Even if they are good jumpers, cats can still fall and injure themselves. To avoid this, make sure you can easily climb onto the shelf without destroying some books on the way. You can put a bowl or box on top of it, in which your cat can curl up and sleep. Commercially, there are also here already special climbing walls and wall scratching posts , which can be prima integrate into a small climbing area.

4. Toys for cats – an important part of cat equipment

Never forget your kitten to buy toys . If you don’t, it will play with your things. Ok, if in doubt your kitten will do it anyway, but it is never wrong to have the right cat toy. Learn your cat early so she knows the toy belongs to her. There are many cat toys on the market, but you can even make cat toys yourself. In addition, never have just one toy, have plenty of it. Cats tend to lose these toys around the house, but aren’t too eager to look for them. Likewise, sometimes, or rather, sometimes at times lose interest in a single toy. So create variety. Not only in the interest of the cat.

Without a change, they’ll get bored quickly and they’ll turn to your clothes, pillows, or furniture for fun. They also buy different types of toys. Only balls or cat fishing are boring for us humans.

5. Cat Caves – Cats particularly like to hide

Just as dogs have their houses, cats have their caves. These are sanctuaries specially designed for cats, where they can hide and enjoy some rest.

Cat caves come in all shapes and sizes. The materials also differ, but they are not that difficult to clean and wash. If you don’t want to spend money on a special cat cave, just put up a normal box. Cats aren’t that picky about this. Apart from that: cats love boxes!

6. Catnip – Some cats are just crazy about the magic herb

Catnip is a plant that your cat will love. Not all, but many cats love the smell of catnip. If you want to make her so happy, a little plant catnip on or buy them in stores. Let the house tiger sniff at it and watch how she enjoys it. It is not for nothing that there are many Catnip toys for cats. With this toy, the fur nose usually plays much more intensely and with a much greater passion.

You can also make soft toys with catnip. Take a normal but robust stuffed animal and spray it with catnip spray or play spray and the fun can begin.

All in all – a conclusion about bored room tigers

Even though they have a reputation for being loners, cats depend heavily on human care and they know it. Keeping them busy is just one of the ways you can take care of your cat and make sure it is okay and satisfied. Especially cats have to incentivize and keep them busy. Even if cats like to be able to occupy themselves alone well, they still need affection on a regular basis.

In the end, they’ll reward you with a purr here and there, or even by brushing their cheek against your shoulder. And honestly … then we are also satisfied!

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