Beautiful Egyptian Mau: Tips for Keeping it

If you want to offer the Egyptian Mau a species-appropriate attitude, you need one thing above all: plenty of space. This cat is simply not the right one for living in a small apartment because it is incredibly active. Read here what you should pay attention to.

Since the Egyptian Mau is not a big fan of stress and hustle and bustle, it usually feels more comfortable in quiet households. It is important that these have a size and equipment that meet their needs.

Freedom or housing?

In principle, this cat is very adaptable. Still, she loves outdoor living more than housing. So if you want to keep the Egyptian Mau without clearance, you have to offer it a lot. Extensive climbing opportunities, lots of variety when playing , exciting viewpoints and plenty of time to cuddle with the owners are important to them. It needs a lot of space so that they can get up to speed quickly and let off steam while playing.

Of course, the fascinating exotic woman particularly likes an attitude as a freelancer . Maybe this should be secured – the rare, valuable cat could be a temptation for thieves. You can find tips for keeping free-range cats in the guidebook: ” Secure clearance for the cat in the garden “.

Posture of the Egyptian Mau: Better in pairs than alone

The Egyptian Mau is very human-related. She loves and enjoys her cuddle and play units and is happy when the bipeds she lives with have a lot of time for her. But this velvet paw is also reluctant to do without a companion who has grown up physically and temperamentally, because she is social and just doesn’t like being alone. There are usually no problems with other pets or children if there is not too much hustle and bustle.

Egyptian Mau: easy-care cat breed

Brush the short, strong coat of the beautiful cat once or twice a week to keep skin and hair nourished and healthy and to make your pet happy with the additional petting unit. As a rule, the Mau enjoys brushing very much. For claw care, you should definitely offer the velvet paw scratching options, such as a scratching post. The robust cat breed is not particularly susceptible to diseases – a regular visit to the veterinarian is still required.

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