Build a Cat Scratching Post Yourself: Ideas and Tips

Do you want to build a cat scratching post yourself? This is a great idea because you not only save money, but can also create an individual piece of furniture that fully meets your and your cat’s wishes. Here are some valuable tips for building the important cat facility.

How and from which materials you build a cat scratching post yourself is of course entirely up to you. Naturally kept wooden scratching posts are particularly popular. So that your velvet paw feels comfortable on the floors afterwards, you have to ensure both the right comfort and the necessary safety. You should bring a minimum of manual dexterity with you, so that nothing wobbles afterwards and everything remains firmly connected.

The right material for the individual cat tree

Before you build your cat scratching post yourself, you need to consider how big it will be and what material it should be made of. For example, you can use round and square timbers from the hardware store or use a real tree trunk or a section of trunk as a base, which you can find in sawmills, in the timber trade or even in your own garden. Chipboard, for example, is suitable for the individual floors of the cat tree. You can also get these in the hardware store and have them cut to different sizes and shapes as required.

Scratch-resistant rope made of sisal , with which you will later wrap the trunk completely, is particularly important . You can use scratch-resistant carpet or plush fabric for the individual floors. For comfortable elements such as living caves, you should lay out a few boards that you can nail together into small houses. Also think of long wood screws with washers and sturdy angle brackets with corresponding screws that will later be necessary to attach the individual floors.

To ensure the necessary stability, you need a heavy base plate that serves as a foot. Alternatively, you can put your self-made cat tree in a bucket and pour it with lightning concrete to get a sturdy base.

Build your own cat scratching post: important tips

After you have positioned the trunk wrapped with sisal rope firmly on the base plate or the concrete base, you can start to attach the individual floors. Fasten them at different heights using long wood screws with washers and, if necessary, use metal brackets to ensure the necessary stability. Now equip the lying surfaces with scratch-resistant carpet or other resistant material on which your fur noses can make themselves comfortable.

Your velvet paws will be happy about cuddly caves in which they can retreat and watch the entire room from the scratching post. Put them together from boards and cover them with robust fabric. Play elements such as cat toys made of sisal or a dangling rope with fabric balls at the end ensure fun and games.

Important: Make absolutely sure that there are no sharp edges left anywhere on the scratching post (if necessary, sand down here properly). Nails must not protrude or other pointed, sharp-edged objects and places where your cats can injure themselves.

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