Buy a Cat Protective Net for Balcony and Garden: What Should be Considered?

A cat needs variety, if you can’t provide the animal with a garden, you should give it access to the balcony or terrace. They love to sit and inspect the surroundings.

Since there are dangers lurking here, the tiger could run away or be seriously injured by a fall, it is important to secure these areas well. This works with a so-called cat net . A cat protection net for the balcony creates the necessary freedom with the necessary security for the house tiger. What should be considered here is shown below.

Which safety net for which cat?

With young cats and smaller breeds as well as very slim animals it is important to make sure that the net has small meshes. Here should mesh width not be less than 3 x 3 cm , so that the animal can not figure stuck his head or even by slips. Larger mesh models are suitable for large and strong cats. Then should the activity and the exchange Tigers play instinct are respected. For cats, the times also some climbing and untamed and rage are normal cat nets or nets that are not sufficiently transparent. Here are cat nets that are wire reinforcedare the right choice because the animal can climb at will. If this is not desired, the network can be loosened somewhat. Another advantage is that the robust nets usually have better UV resistance.

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Where can the protective net for cats be used?

If no balcony or terrace is available, the cat should be offered at least one window seat, where the window can also be opened. Every room tiger should be able to experience the smells, sounds and fresh air from outside. For the window also a must Cats Protection are attached, even here suitable safety net or a direct protective screen for the window. The nets are most often used for the balcony, here the animal is not only offered a seat, but also a stay in the fresh air including exercise. It is not easy to drill into the walls of rental apartments, so models that can be attached without drilling should be used. If you have a terrace, you should not withhold it from the animal, because the larger the outdoor run, the better. There is no need to worry about the cat falling here, but it can still run away. There are special terrace nets for this, these are fastened with tension cables and poles and are also suitable for roof terraces. There is even a safety net for the garden, here the animals can play and romp as they please without being able to run away. These garden nets are ideal for people who live on busy streets.

What should be considered when buying a cat protection net?

  • Transparent nets are visually appealing, but not suitable for very active cats.
  • The material of the nets should be bite-proof and tear-proof.
  • Also pay attention to UV and weather resistance.
  • There should be a finishing edge, which not only looks neatly finished, but also ensures more stability.
  • In the case of a multi-storey balcony, the net should be able to stretch to the ceiling.
  • Terrace or garden nets should be at least 2.50 m, better 3 m high. As you know, cats are gifted climbers.

How to attach a cat net?

The basic rule here is safe and stable. Small gaps and networks that loosen over time should be avoided at all costs. The fuse for the balcony must be completely stretched from one side to the other so that everything is really covered. First of all, the exact dimension for the network must be measured, considering the minimum height of 2.50 m. It is better to measure a little more generously here than to make the network too short. Now you have to decide on a fastening method, if you do not want to drill into the masonry, telescopic poles are suitable, which can find space between your own and the balcony above. But before the poles can be attached, they first have to be threaded through the net. Here you have to ensure a good securing with net ties. Now the net and poles can be attached to the balcony. For additional security, a wooden strip or similar space should be found at the bottom of the net so that the cat does not simply crawl through the balcony net.

Even if the cat is a skilled climber or has a calm temperament, the hunting instinct of the animal should not be underestimated. Many a cat has sat peacefully on the balcony for days, but then jumped up uncontrollably because of a bird and crashed. A balcony net for the cat Regardless of the circumstances, it is mandatory. Even if a particularly stable specimen has been chosen, it must be checked regularly whether the net is still safe for the animal. Wear is never excluded. If you don’t like the look of the net or find it annoying, you can put a few plants in front of it or even have it ranked on the net. A shadow dispenser has been created here, but there should still be enough space where the cat can enjoy the hustle and bustle in front of the house and enjoy it for hours.

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