Cat Tree Guide:Which Cat Tree Do I Need?

One that cats in a household cat tree is likely to need probably every cat lover be known. Nevertheless, there are many questions that may arise in connection with the scratching post. These questions usually refer to the equipment of the cat tree, its height and the material. After all, a cat lover does not want to put any piece of cat furniture in their own four walls, which in the end is not well received by the cat.

What is the function of the cat tree?

A scratching post is the cat, just as you might have suspected the name for the care of the claws . The claws are a natural means of defense for the cat, so that by instinct every cat is already sharpening the clawsand will maintain. If a cat lover does not have a scratching post in their own four walls, the existing furniture will definitely have to suffer from this fact. This would ultimately answer the first question that a cat lover asks about the scratching post. This is usually the question of when exactly a cat tree should move into your own four walls. The answer to this is that the cat tree should already exist before the cat moves in. However, a scratching post fulfills far more functions for the cat than just sharpening its claws.

Rather, a scratching post is used

  • as a retreat for the cat
  • as a play place for the cat
  • as a sleeping place for the cat

and should therefore be suitable for the cat. The optimal scratching post should therefore have accordingly a sufficient size and stability, so that the house cat can let off steam it extensively. Of course, the dimensions of the scratching post must also be adapted to the existing spatial conditions of the cat lover, but this is not a problem for most models thanks to the modular principle.


Guide to scratching post

What factors are important in the cat scratching post?

In addition to the stability and size as well as the material, the location of the cat tree is of course alsovery important. It should be borne in mind that cats naturally like to be the center of attention and like to keep an eye on everything in the area. To ensure this, the cat tree should also have enough platforms on which the house tiger can make himself comfortable. Lying trays and caves should also be available and, of course, the platforms, lying trays and caves must be easily accessible for the cat. If the cat tree is already in the four walls in front of the cat, the cat has the advantage that it can get used to the cat tree very quickly and easily. The probability that the cat tree is then accepted by the cat is many times higher than that of cat trees,

Small cats and kittens but may feel put off by an oversized scratching post. For this reason, there are also smaller models on the market, which can then be expanded with further modules as the cat grows. However, the type of cat should definitely be taken into account, since certain cat breeds such as the large Maine Coon and the Norwegian wild cats can reach several kilograms when fully grown. There are very special scratching posts for these cat breeds, which are designed for correspondingly heavy cat breeds.

Lying on a scratching post is extremely important, but the platforms should generally be very varied. A scratching post also serves as a play area for the cat, which is why toys such as special hangers with ribbons can be very important. However, it is important to note that the cat’s ribbons and cords are fun – but they can also be dangerous. In addition, some cat breeds are known for their very special temperament, so the toys cannot withstand particularly violent cat attacks for long. The suspensions should therefore be as short and very stable as possible, so that they are resistant and cannot be dangerous to the cat.

Stability is important

One point is extremely important when choosing the right scratching post – stability. If a cat is supported by an unstable cat tree, it is very likely that it will not be entered again. As a rule of thumb, the more stable the cat tree is, the more often and more extensively the cat will let off steam. For large scratching posts that are placed in large rooms, there are ceiling tension models for additional stability. The construction of a scratching post is therefore not a matter that is just done in passing. The stability can be achieved from the lowest point of the cat tree by appropriate screw connections. If this is not so easily possible in the four walls, the cat tree on the ceiling or on the walls should be stabilized by appropriate security measures. Scratching posts are usually placed on a lower floor slab that is sized for the size of the scratching post.

Access to the scratching post

So that a cat can let off steam on the scratching post, there must of course be good access to the caves and the lying or playing area. A young cat can reach these platforms by climbing, which is why the material of the cat tree should be of high quality. The higher the quality of the material, the more durable the scratching post will be. Sisal is particularly suitable as a material for the cat tree, as this material has a high resistance to cat claws and enables cats to climb the cat tree perfectly. This is optimal for cats of young or middle age, but for older cats, of course, other ways must be created to the caves or the lying or playing areas.of older cats can be mastered easily. If the cat is particularly sluggish, a cave on the lowest platform can already be an optimal retreat. In this case, however, the cat friend should create an incentive for the cat to try to reach the uppermost areas. As a rule, cats can be “baited” very easily with toys or dry food in the uppermost regions, so that the physical condition of the older cat is effectively promoted in this way.

Building a scratching post

There are cat friends who would of course very much like to provide their cats with appropriate scratching posts or retreat or play areas, but are absolutely unskilled in terms of craftsmanship. Of course, the construction of a scratching post requires a certain amount of time and effort, but the construction of a scratching post is also easy to master by laymen. The scratching posts are usually supplied as a kit with all the necessary accessories and an instruction manual or assembly instructions is included in the scope of delivery. The stability of the cat tree can also be tested by the cat lover after assembly. This does not mean that the cat lover should climb the scratching post himself, but rather a “shake test”. If an adult with an average weight does not shake the cat tree by shaking it, then the cat tree also has the necessary stability for the cat. Before purchasing the scratching post, it should be ensured that the scratching post can either be expanded or reduced later. Cat needs change very quickly in the course of cat life, so the cat tree should also allow the necessary flexibility. With pre-made models, it may well be the case that the cat does not use the scratching post so extensively in the course of its life because the physical condition simply no longer allows it. In this case, the cat is simply “ignored” by the cat and deteriorates into a piece of furniture in its own four walls, which simply takes up space or becomes a dust catcher in the four walls of the cat friend. This is not the purpose of a cat tree and should therefore be avoided.

Since a cat tree is not always an inexpensive purchase, the cat lover should definitely consider these factors before buying the respective model.

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