Cats and Their Sleep: 5 Things That Disturb Their Rest

Cats like to sleep, cats sleep a lot. A velvet paw can spend 15 or more hours a day sleeping, dozing and slumbering. But the fur noses really need to relax. You should avoid the following five things that disturb your rest.

You shouldn’t wake sleeping dogs, that’s the old and right saying. This rule can also be applied to cats. And otherwise you should do everything as a cat owner so that the kitty can sleep well. Lack of sleep not only has a negative impact on mood, but also, over time, on cat health .

1. Noise and noise

Cats can also sleep when they are noisy, but this is not as relaxing as a quiet bedtime. The animals can not switch off properly when there is noise around them. You are constantly anticipating an impending danger in the event of unrest and remain careful as a precaution.

2. A bad cat sleeping place

Cats usually choose their own sleeping places and then choose the one they like best. But the best place is not always good enough. Provide your fur nose with a place to sleep that is soft, warm, calm and protected from drafts. An uncomfortable, cold, loud and drafty place, on the other hand, disturbs the cat’s sleep.

3. No possibility of withdrawal

A good place to sleep is one thing. But the most comfortable cat bed is of no use if it is in a room where the kitty cannot rest. Especially in the hallway or where people constantly go back and forth, it is difficult to dream peacefully .

A quiet room is a better choice. Cats feel safe there. The place of retreat is only one if you also recognize it as such. That means: the cookie is and remains reserved for the cat.

4. Stress and restlessness

Stress and restlessness have a negative effect on the sleep of every living being. Cats are sensitive animals that literally take negative vibrations, such as arguments between owners and mistresses, to sleep. Harmony and rest, on the other hand, have a positive effect on sleep.

5. Annoying people

When the cat withdraws and wants to doze off or sleep, its owners should always accept that. Nothing disturbs a resting fur nose more than annoying people who do not want to let them sleep.

Therefore, you should not pet a sleeping cat so easily, even if it looks so cute. Resist the urge and leave the velvet paw alone when she sleeps.

Tip: Explain to children in particular that cats need their sleep and should not be woken up, even if the little ones are bored. If you accept the need for rest and only play and cuddle with the cat when it wakes up on its own, both sides have more of it.

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