Cruising With My Cat: What do I Have to Consider?

Cruising with a cat? What sounds crazy is actually possible. But even commuters sometimes need to take their cat on the ferry. We give you some tips on how to make the cruise as pleasant as possible for your pelt-nose and yourself, as well as for all fellow travellers!

Cruise with cat – Preparations

Many animal lovers go on holiday with their cat. What many do not know: Some cruise operators give cat owners the opportunity to take their furry nose on board. Whether and to what extent this is possible depends of course on the provider. In any case, a prior agreement and the booking of an animal-friendly cabin are necessary. Check with the shipping company in good time so that there are no unpleasant surprises!

kreuzfahrt mit katze

When cruising with cats abroad, you should carry a US pet passport valid for your furry nose. In addition, the entry regulations of the destination country must be observed. Information about this can be found on the homepage of the respective embassy. An early preparation is a plus, because the cat might need a health certificate or certain vaccinations. Please do not forget to carry all documents with you during the journey with your cat!

The conditions for taking your cat with you vary depending on the shipping company or ferry line. If you inform yourself early enough, you are well prepared – this is not only true for travelling abroad!

To make the journey stress-free, you can also get your cat used to the transport container in good time. Give the fur nose the chance to connect positive experiences with the cat box: Integrate it into the daily play units, feed your cat in the bag and set it up as a safe sleeping place. During the habituation phase your cat may of course leave the box at any time! Such a preparation helps to make your furry nose feel safe during the journey.

kreuzfahrt mit katze

The cat on the ferry

No matter whether you live on an island or your journey is over water: sometimes it’s necessary to take the cat on the ferry Depending on the shipping company, the cat may be on deck with you or must remain in the car. The latter is not ideal, especially if the cat is left unattended. Therefore you should only consider the stay on the parking deck as an emergency solution. Maybe you have the possibility to stay with your cat? This way you can check whether there is a risk of heat accumulation and you can calm your pet down.

If you take your cat with you on deck, it will be much more comfortable for the cat. However, the stay there is not stress-free, because there is often a strong wind in addition to unfamiliar noises. Therefore the cat is best kept in the transport basket. A cloth protects against possible draught.

To prevent your cat from escaping, it should be kept in the transport box during the journey. Depending on the length of the journey, you may want to give your cat a little water or calm her down in between. As with air travel and public transport, it is a good idea to open the zipper on the carrying case easily and reach in by hand.

Many cats are anxious or stressed during travel. So don’t be surprised if your cat recedes or even hisses!

We wish you and your cat a good and safe journey!

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