Do Cats Like Music?

Your velvet paw particularly likes this music

As with us humans, music can also have a very special effect for cats. With their fine ears, our velvet paws are receptive to certain types of music that can affect their mood. But how exactly do cats perceive music? What music do you love to relax? And is there also music that was composed especially for cats? In this article you will learn how to make your velvet paw particularly happy with music and how to create moments of acoustic pleasure.

Can cats perceive music?

In contrast to us humans, little kittens are almost deaf after birth. They can only hear noises and thus music after the first few weeks. Your first acoustic impressions are, for example, the cozy purring of the mother or the sucking noises when drinking milk. These “melodies” have a great influence on cats’ perception of music, just as we humans in the womb are rhythmically influenced by the mother’s heartbeat.

So music has a very emotional origin for cats as well as for us and can deepen the bond with our favorites. So listening to the right music helps to intensify the  cat-human relationship  .

Do cats like the same music as we humans?

Whether a cat likes “human” music is due to its early characteristics. For example, if the music sounds similar to the purring of the cat mother, she will find it particularly pleasant. Our velvet paws, however, are less likely to hear hard guitar, bass and drum sounds. This is simply too loud and hectic for the noise-sensitive animals. When choosing music for cats, something classic is recommended; our velvet paws are more receptive to this.

What calming music is there for cats?

With harmonic piano, violin and cello tones, you can actually make your cat purr. Perhaps you have already observed yourself that your velvet paw feels very comfortable with such sounds. So much so that she even lies in front of or on top of the speakers, actively seeks closeness to the music and really relaxes. In this case too, the individual musical taste of your favorite is of course important. You can find out what else you can do so that your cat can relax to the fullest in our article “5 tips for relaxed cats”  .

Music composed especially for cats

Do you want to surprise your velvet paw with special moments of acoustic pleasure? Then we have a tip for you: Professional cellist David Teie composed his album “Music for Cats” – as the name suggests – especially for cats. The high harp runs, cello and violin sounds on it spoil fine cat ears and have a particularly soothing effect on our velvet paws. Snuggle up on the sofa with your darling, listen to the soft music and forget the time – what could be nicer? Enjoy the musical moments for two!

You can find out how you can do more good for your cat in our article ” Pampering the Cat “.

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