Feed Stray Cats in Winter: Tips

If you want to feed stray cats in winter, a few tips and tricks will help you do something good for the homeless velvet paws in cold temperatures. 

Stray cats find it difficult to find cat food and water in cold temperatures . If you want to help such an animal, a little handicraft is required first. And you should also note a few important things when feeding yourself.

A nice, warm bird feeder for strays

In wind and weather, a small emergency shelter where stray cats can eat and warm up is a nice idea. And you can easily build them yourself! For this, stick a large box (for example a moving box) with weatherproof tarpaulin. From the inside, line the walls with polystyrene to effectively insulate the emergency shelter. A thick wooden board under the box ensures that the cat does not get cold or even wet paws. With a large pair of scissors or a carpet knife, cut an entry hole in one of the sides. It should be just big enough for a cat to get in. Finally, put some straw in the box and put in bowls that the stray velvet paw can use.

Provide food and water

Even if wet food is  generally healthier for cats: If the temperature is below zero, it is better to put dry food for the four-legged  friends, because the wet food would freeze quickly and become inedible. Fill up the bowl every day and clean it thoroughly in between so that no pathogens and parasites accumulate in it.

It is best to put the water you provide warm in the bowl so that it takes a little time to freeze. In general, you should always check whether the water is still liquid or not. A baby heat plate or a heated bowl can also help keep the water edible for longer. Whether frozen or not – change the water every day, because finding fresh water is very difficult for cats in winter . Old, stale water can contain pathogens that are dangerous to the health of stray cats.

How to generally take care of stray cats

It is commendable that you  want to help homeless cats with shelter and food in winter . But it is also important to keep an eye on the health status of the stray dog. If an abandoned kitty is injured, shows signs of illness or is generally very weak, you should take her to a veterinarian. At best, this neuters the stray.

If a trusting and apparently very well-groomed cat shows up regularly in your garden or nearby, you should first check whether it is registered and has a chip, for example. Only a very few cats wear a cat collar, as it can be dangerous for free walkers . The fur nose may have run away and cannot find its way back home. Then you should notify a veterinarian, the nearest animal shelter or the police. Anyone who simply takes in a lost cat will be punished.

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