How to Choose Cheap Cat Scratching Posts?

A good scratching post for the house cat does not have to be necessarily expensive, even cheap cat scratching posts are convincing. It is important to pay attention to various quality features when buying:

  • High stability and good quality
  • Toxic and pollutant-free materialsCheap scratching posts - cheap but good?
  • Almost odorless

The quality of scratching posts is crucial

Ideally, a cat tree must withstand high loads. Despite their delicate appearance, cats are not exactly squeamish with their own tree. High stability is therefore an absolute must. If the cat tree was made with poor materials, it can collapse in the worst case and injure the animal. Also, no cladding or the wrapping attached may come off. A very good quality and high stability are therefore a must. Find out what experiences other cat lovers have had with their cat tree. Drive to a specialist retailer and don’t be afraid to shake and pull vigorously at the items on display there. The only way you can check whether the material meets your high expectations. Moreover, prefer models with a wall bracket or a ceiling tensioner. Due to the assembly they offer additional stability.

No smell is the best smell

Another important factor is that the cat tree is almost odorless. Particularly inexpensive models, which sometimes only use medium-quality materials, tend to smell “artificial”. Often there are also toxins in them that have truly lost nothing near your loved one. Cats have a fine nose and could refuse their furniture because they consider it uncomfortable.

Speaking of nose: do not buy a used cat tree , it is not cheaper for you. Your room tiger will perceive the smell of the strange cats and, in the worst case, generously mark the tree with its own fragrances or completely reject the good piece and ignore it from now on.

The pitfalls of the internet

If you want to buy an inexpensive cat scratching post, it is advisable to read the test reports and customer opinions very carefully. Often, based on customers’ opinions, you can also make good conclusions about the quality. It would be better, of course, to purchase the cat tree directly from a specialist retailer. You have enough time here to look at the different variants and to examine them for their quality and stability, but you can still find the best bargains on the Internet. Here you will find numerous bargains, the prices of which are sometimes far below the models from the specialist market.

Expensive or cheap – what should it be?

A cat scratching post does not have to be expensive to be of good quality. However, it is important to pay close attention to various criteria, since of course cheap models do not always deliver what they promise. A cheap cat tree that loses stability and quality after just a few weeks will cost you more in the long run than a more expensive but higher-quality product right from the start. Take a look around in a specialist shop and on the Internet and get comprehensive advice. Having your own piece of furniture will give your cat a lot of pleasure, but should be chosen carefully so as not to endanger the roommate unnecessarily.

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