How to Buy Good Scratching Posts: Tips and Advice

Would you like to buy a scratching post? Here are what you should definitely pay attention to!

In the following we offer you a complete summary of the best scratching furniture for your cat and support you in your purchase decision with valuable tips and recommendations. If you have a good and still buy inexpensive cat tree like, you should note some in advance so that the investment is not completely rejected directly from it cat or the new cat tree is not Schrottreif after a few weeks already.

Humans have lived with animals since the beginning of its history. No wonder that the relationship between the owner and the pet grew more intimate over time. Cat lovers of course only want the best for their fluffy roommates – but best at a low price. But even those who do not have to worry about the material value will certainly be interested in the following information regarding the size and material of a cat scratching post. Hopefully we can thus help you the right cat tree select for your beloved cat and match your living environment.

What is a scratching post?

A general overview of what a cat tree is for cats will help you get started. A scratching post is an object on which the four-legged friend can climb and sit. As the name suggests, the cats use this tree primarily for species-appropriate scratching. At least that’s the plan. Having a scratching post has been proven to prevent the cat from scratching the furniture and damaging it. Buying a scratching post will serve you as well as your cat and will protect your furniture and wallpaper.

The sharpening of the claws is a normal and innate instinct of cats. In addition, scratching also serves to mark the territory. Sometimes, however, scratching the cat also means that it wants to attract attention from the owner or that the cat wants to react when stressful situations arise.

A scratching post is of high importance for the welfare cat ownership. So getting a cat tree is essential. Cat-friendly cat scratching posts are usually covered with sisal, as they are harmless to health. Sisal is a raw materialthat are ideal and safe for the cat’s claws. Consisting of small fibers, a sisal fabric is firm, dense and structurally coarse. As a result, individual fibers stick out irregularly. The natural fiber is very resilient, tough and tear-resistant and therefore popular material for cat trees. Mostly the trunks of the cat trees are covered with sisal, but cat toys and lying surfaces can also have been processed with this material.

Many cats also use the scratching post to play. As a rule, a cat tree in its simplest form is a cylindrical stand with a platform at the top. This structure can vary depending on the model: a plurality of perches, different height platforms, hiding or built cat toys may be part of the scratching post. There is a lavish selection of cat scratching posts on the internet. Accordingly, the call for supportive advice is getting louder:

Which cat tree is right for my cat?

So that you can distinguish the essential from the unimportant, we offer you the long overdue overview. We answer your urgent questions: Would you like a modern and stylish model to match the existing furniture? Better a small or a large cat tree ? For large cat breeds like Main Coon or the Norwegian Forest Cat, it should definitely be a high-quality and above all stable model. Otherwise, neither the cat nor the paying owner has much of the new purchase. In addition, not only the size of the individual cat, but also the number of cats living in the household is important when deciding on a particular cat tree.

If 2 or more cats use the scratching furniture, it should also be one size larger and of higher quality in order to offer all cats enough space. But not only the place is critical, the stability must be in a scratching post for cats 2 or more votes, and finally the tree in great omitted or even with small fighting starts among colleagues or rivals to overturn not equal. Who, however, buy a cat tree for kittenswho should make sure that it is of course not too big and too powerful. Here the little tiger might not get from one level to the next or injure himself in the worst case when jumping. Therefore, buy a cheap entry-level model for kittens with a maximum of 1-2 levels, and then add a larger model as the cat grows up. Often, 2 models can be placed side by side and can be combined reasonably well. This has the main advantage that the cat already knows the old scratching post and will presumably adopt the new model faster.

Scratching post or scratching board? What is the difference?

A scratch board is a strung board, usually made of wood or hard cardboard. This board is used for scratching and also serves to prevent the cat from damaging the furniture. A scratch board offers the cat the scratch drive and to protect your property from scratches, but has no further functions. Different with the scratching post. Scratching Boards (see also the bestsellers ) are particularly suited to cost several genutze from the cat premises to make “scratch-proof”. It would be desirable to equip every room with a cat tree / climbing tree, but generally not really feasible, so small, simple scratching options are quite sufficient. Must be yoursCat with traveling ? Or a short-term cat sitter? Then give yourself a scratching board. This is certainly easier than a bulky piece of furniture and safer for the cat sitter’s home.

A place to play and sleep: why does your pet need a cat scratching post?

What makes a good cat tree? Ladders, ramps, aisles or even an attached feed bowl or sleeping box: A cat tree can consist of many different modules or can be assembled. The younger your pet is, the more important it is to give them items to play and run around with.

Such play equipment can also be a scratching post. Active kittens should always have enough incentive to play and move. Some models have hanging ropes, attached balls, or even hammocks to satisfy your cat’s urge to play. At the same time, these versatile models offer pleasant options for your cat to sleep and relax. Many a cat tree model is designed for even more comfort with cozy carpets.

There are no limits to decadence: memory foam cushions for scratching posts that adapt to the shape of your sleeping cat are also available. Are you also worried about the safety of your cats? When making your purchase, consider durable materials for the safe protection of your favorite four-legged friends. But not only because of the safety we recommend to refrain from cheap cheap products. Models with cheap inferior material wear out faster than average. You can quickly invest the money you saved with the purchase in a new cat tree when the old one is over. Good materials and solid workmanship generally always pay off.

Wonderful for cats – but for your home?

In most cases, scratching posts are also part of a room in which you and your family members live. Understandably, therefore, the desire for a model that not only satisfies the needs of your pet, but also fulfills your aesthetic requirements and ideally fits perfectly into the apartment and its furnishing style. The scratching furniture should fit into the overall picture of the room and not dominate or ruin the homely atmosphere. Beautiful models not only fit in or complement the style, but also set skilful accents. Scratching posts and other scratching furniture are now not only bulky place killers and compromises to offer the cat a little bit of fun, many handmade models are available in a tasteful design and in sophisticated colors. It doesn’t always have to be a traditional model to stand on or with a ceiling tensioner. Special are particularly stylish and originalWall scratching posts . Here the elements and levels are simply screwed to the wall and not only result in a space miracle, but also a highlight in every room.

Colorful colors to match the apartment

Likewise, it does not always have to be the usual beige tone: scratching posts can also be purchased in black, brown, gray or white. Also eye-catching leopard prints or natural scratching posts , which are mimicked a real tree are now in vogue. You no longer have to put your interior design ideas in the back as there is an astonishingly large number of stylish cat scratching posts. Whether unusual or classic: you are simply spoiled for choice.

Contemporary scratching posts usually have several levels on which there are different options for your cat: for climbing, scratching, resting and relaxing, lying or hiding. In general, a cat tree should be robust enough for the weight and number of cats in your household to adequately withstand constant use. Another criterion to consider when buying a scratching post is whether the scratching post is a comfortable place to sleep for your pet.

Contemporary, stylish scratching posts do not have to be constructed from fleece. There are also scratching posts in wooden versions. A wooden scratching post is also tailored to the needs of cats. Removable pillows, carpets and scratching utensils make cleaning easier and make the wooden scratching post comfortable and cozy. Wooden scratching posts are unique and look great in modern households.

Build yourself instead of buying?

Well, if the retailers don’t offer the model you want? Then just build your own scratching post yourself! Yes, it means work, but it is a lot of fun and, of course, some manual skill is required to build a scratching post yourself . But why not just give it a try? In the trade there are already a lot of accessories, such as ready-made sisal trunks, levels, toys, etc. to buy. Just order what you need and get to work! With a little skill and clear ideas, a dream scratching post can be put together and built relatively easily. A handmade cat tree is much nicer, isn’t it?

It can be easily observed from above: How big should a cat tree be?

Ask yourself: Should a cat tree be as high as a ceiling? The size of the scratching post required roughly depends on the size of your cat. How big is your pet? For example, if you have a large breeding cat, such as Main Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat or similar. To breed, to own, it is very important to offer her a suitable living space: the cat scratching post or climbing tree must not only withstand the weight of the four-legged friend well, but also offer him space to stretch out and enjoy. What happens when the cat jumps on its tree with a start and a jump with all its weight? Especially with large cat breeds, there is a lot of weight on the tree. Is the apparently stable cat building threatening to tip over? Or what happens when several cats frolic on the cat tree, romp and maybe even fight small fights for dominance? Plan all of these considerations and, if necessary, resort to a larger and more stable model.

Cat tree XXL for particularly large cat breeds

Just like a small kitten, a big cat wants to feel comfortable on its scratching post. Such a cat tree for large cats can be up to 2 m high. The smallest cat tree models are around 50 cm high for comparison. However, these are only recommended for small cats, as a temporary transition or as a second tree. A floor-to-ceiling cat tree is not a must. It is primarily up to the needs of your cat or cats whether they need a scratching post, which may reach up to your ceiling. Perched high up and having an overall view: that’s probably what every cat dreams of. Oversized cat trees offer the option of using ceiling tensioners for a secure hold. Ceiling tensioners increase stability.

If there is a lack of space, should you buy a small cat tree rather than none at all?

We emphatically answer this question. Because an appropriate cat tree is extremely important for the appropriate keeping of a cat or a cat. A small scratching post is an advantage in a small room because it doesn’t take up little space. If there is not enough space, you are welcome to use small cat scratching posts. Despite its small size, even a small cat tree can combine toys, a hiding place and a scratch bar in one and make your pet happy. But note: only if your fluffy roommate is very small and has enough space on the level, a small cat tree is sufficient. Accordingly, small scratching posts are only suitable for small cats and if there are no other cats in the household.small cat tree as a second tree, which is in an adjoining room if you have several cats. Pay attention here also to the quality, which grants robust hold and longevity. Alternatively, here provides a scratch ton of. Scratching bins are becoming increasingly popular and are a compromise between bulky cat trees, cart trunk or simple scratching boards. Check out the bestselling scratch barrels and towers here .

A modular cat tree is for everyone who loves variety: they can change the height and width depending on preference, needs and living situation.

Buy scratching post – A small checklist

Small (standard) scratching posts and scratching posts

  • small breeds
  • only one animal in the household
  • Lack of space
  • as a second tree

Medium scratching and climbing trees (half-height without ceiling tensioner)

  • almost all cat sizes
  • several small cats or a medium-sized animal
  • medium-sized rooms without high ceilings

Large and stable XXL scratching posts and ceiling tensioners and climbing trees

  • large pedigree cats or several cats in the household
  • more stability thanks to ceiling tensioners
  • economical because space is used up to the ceiling

Conclusion: If you buy cheap, you buy twice

Can’t you still decide? Take a look at Amazon, for examplefor the perfect scratching post for your pet. With high-quality products, you can also trust that your new cat tree will last. They are easier to clean and look new and fresh for much longer. If in doubt, contact the well-known trusted pet furniture brands. These are easy to assemble and offer guarantees. Or simply order your cat furniture and associated utensils and extensions online. Unlike for dogs, scratching furniture offers plenty of opportunities to add a little highlight to any home decor. No matter which model you choose in the end, the focus should always be on the cat.

Are you looking for even more choice?

Then take a look at the Amazon scratching post shop. There you will find a huge selection of different brands of scratching furniture and accessories and many other offers of cat supplies. In addition to the low prices, Amazon stands for fast delivery and excellent service.

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