How to Choose the Right Cat Beds on Amazon

Cats sleep up to 16 hours a day and they like to sleep softly and comfortably when possible.  Choosing a suitable sleeping place for the cat is therefore particularly important for your pocket tiger.

The cat bed – an oasis of calm and relaxation

For short breaks, cats like to look for a warm and sunny spot. This can be the window sill or the platform of a scratching post. In addition to the cozy warmth of the sun’s rays, cuddly soft cookies are popular, especially when kitty wants to take a long nap. Even if most cats love caves, they prefer a place to sleep, which allows a quick overview of the surroundings at any time. A cat bed or cat basket is therefore a good place to relax and enjoy being in the middle of it all.

Considerations before buying

Just as dogs prefer to sleep in a dog bed or on a dog pillow, cats want a comfortable place to sleep in a cat bed. There the velvet paw can withdraw, relax and slumber. Therefore, cat beds are one of the most important components in the initial equipment for the cat . However, you should consider a few aspects when buying, because unlike a dog, the cat cannot simply be sent into its basket. She usually selects her sleeping space herself, which is why it is all the more important to buy a comfortable cat bed that fully meets the requirements of the room tiger.

The size of the cat bed must be appropriate for the cat. It must be able to stretch out comfortably when it is warm. The cat beds should also be easy to wash. But it is important to have good, high-quality upholstery that makes the cat bed as comfortable as a feather bed or pillow. With a cat sofa, plush is always a good choice because cats like to accept it. A raised edge also gives the cat a sense of security and is used for camouflage. That is why sleeping caves are very popular with cats because they are comfortable and offer a lot of protection. In addition, the cats can rest in it and still observe the surroundings. There are also cat beds that can be integrated into a cat tree. Buyers of these beds should also make sure that the covers and upholstery are washable. In addition, high-quality upholstery is important so that cats can easily accept it as a place to sleep.

If you know your cat, you will quickly find the ideal bed for your cat. There is a large selection of very different models. However, each cat has very different requirements and the individual preferences of the cat should always be considered when buying. So it makes no sense to buy a cat bed for the floor for a cat that is known to like to sleep at height. Therefore, the owner should take a short time beforehand and think carefully about where and under what conditions the cat sleeps best. Cats who like to sleep on down comforters should find something similar in their cat bed. This way the cat will accept this sleeping place faster.For an older cat , it may also make sense to choose a heated cat bed. Older animals in particular need the additional warmth and prefer a heated sleeping place. The same applies to cat puppies, which themselves can hardly regulate their body temperature up to the age of six months. Therefore, they are particularly dependent on warm sleeping places.

The right cat bed – selection criteria and location

The sleeping place should be of sufficient size for the cat. Even if it looks so pretty, the pattern of the cat bed doesn’t matter to Kitty. For them, the most important thing is that the material used is pleasantly soft and free of unpleasant smells. Therefore, choose a model that is as low in pollutants as possible, robust and yet soft. The size for the right cat bed is also particularly important. Depending on the size of the room tiger, there should be enough space here to stretch out comfortably. The cat bed should also have an edge so that your velvet paw can nestle and cuddle nicely. This increases the feeling of security. A wind-protected place without direct sunlight or moisture is best suited as the perfect location. Since cats like the company of their people, the living space is a good place. Here, however, you should make sure that too much noise doesn’t bother the cat. Raging children are not the appropriate background noise for the quiet looking tiger.

The cat is often referred to as the princess among pets because it is not so quick to settle for the circumstances and seems consistently concerned with its advantage. If you just put a cat basket in the corner, you will hardly have the pleasure of seeing your cat in it if there are better places to sleep. If you want to be absolutely sure that the cat can often be found in her cat bed, put it in a quiet place near the heater. So the cat is warm, calm and cozy.

Don’t choose the cat bed too small

The size of the cat bed is also decisive whether your cat likes the cuddly bed or not. It doesn’t matter whether you buy a cat pillow, a cat cave, a cat basket or a hammock – each model should be big enough. In this regard, mispurchases can occur because cat owners buy a cat bed as soon as a kitten moves in. If the sleeping place is chosen too small, sooner or later the velvet paw will simply not feel comfortable because it will be too tight. This can be the case especially with large breeds like the Maine Coon or the British Shorthair .

Cleaning the cat bed

Even if cats love cleanliness, washing the cat bed should not take place too often. If necessary, you can shake out the cat bed and remove cat hair with the vacuum cleaner. Good models have removable covers and are machine washable. It is best to use as little washing powder as possible here, as many cats do not like the smell of cleaning agents.

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