How To Train A Cat To Come To You When Called

Many people think that cats cannot be trained. But in fact, as long as the correct methods are used, no matter how complicated the instructions are, the cats may be able to understand and obey them. Including the situation that “cat can’t come when called”, it can actually be achieved by training.

Why must cats be trained to come when called?

As we all know, many cats like to go outdoor. They like to play in the garden, next door or nearby park, chat or play games with their friends. But when it’s time to lock the door at night, or the weather is bad and it ’s going to rain, many owners wish their cats can understand the command of “come back”. Then let your cats come to you when called.

It is not only convenience but important that the cats can understand the instructions of “come”. For example, when you go out to work as usual, you can call the cat to confirm that the cat is at home before you lock the door.

You don’t need to invite the whole family to help you find your cat who playing hide-and-seek with you under the bed or in the cabinet, when you just want to take it to a pet shop to take a shower.

When you want your cat to come to your bed and sleep with you at night, you can also achieve it by giving instructions of “come”.

The most important thing is that when your cat encounters any dangerous or critical situation, if the cat can understand the instructions of “come”, it is likely to be rescued.

Can cats be trained to come when called?

Don’t be surprised, cats can really be trained to come when called. In fact, everyone has already trained your cats half! You can recall carefully that, your cats immediately came to you every time when it heard the sound of opening a can of cat food, or it was just the sound of opening the refrigerator because you were ready to took the can.

In fact, there is a short distance between cats that come when they hear the sound of opening a can, and cats that come when they hear a password or a whistle.

How to train cats to come to you when called

Replace the sound of opening a can with an instruction

The cats thought of the food When they heard the sound of the owners opening the cans, so they rushed to the owners immediately. So if we want to use instructions to get the cats to come, we also need to make the cat think “there will be something delicious”. You have to make the cat think that when you call it, there will be delicious food for it, and the food is very delicious, which is “super delicious and usually can’t eat ” (such as homemade chicken, boneless Fish, canned food or cat snacks). Then training will be more efficient.

First of all, you have to choose a kind of command to call the cat to come. Such as: Meow Meow, or use a training flute (yes, not only for training dogs). But remember, never use its name as an instruction. Pet names are used to get their attention. Don’t turn their name into an instruction, that will confuse them. And once a command is decided, the whole family must use this command, so that the cat will learn it.

Don’t worry about that if the cat can understand the instruction, the owner just follows the rules and the cat will understand. Even the cats that can’t hear can be trained by using “vibration” to understand that the owner is calling it. If your cat is not hearing well, you can also use vibration as an instruction, such as pedaling the floor, or making a specific gesture. For example, some people call their cats to come by switching the light on and off.

Using cat foods as a training tool makes training more efficient

If your cat has learned to run to your side when it hears the sound of opening the refrigerator or opening the can, you can use these things to assist your training.

[Preparing props]: castanets (or anything that makes a special sound), attractive cat food (canned or snacks)

1. First, call your cat with your chosen command or castanets.

2. Attract your cat in a way that it usually comes, such as the sound of opening a can.
Note: Your order must be given before the sound of opening a can. Not both! Neither can the cat hear the sound of opening a can before hearing your instructions.

3. Basic training: Train the cat to the place where it usually eats when it is instructed (such as near the kitchen or its bowl).

4. Advanced training: Use your command of “come” in other rooms and let the cat find you.When your cat comes to you, remember to give it delicious snacks or foods immediately. Be sure to touch it and praise it at the same time.

5. Regardless of whether it already understands your instructions, don’t think about it easily for cats. Every time it completes your instructions, you have to constantly reward it, encourage it, and praise it.

Tip: Train the cat when it ’s a little hungry, you will feel the training becomes more effective!

What you should not do in training cats

Avoid the following behaviors when you are going to train your cat to follow your instructions:

1. didn’t give it its favorite food when it comes.

2. didn’t praise it when it comes.

3. Ask it to do things it does n’t like,such as cut nails, take medicine, take a bath, etc.

Sometimes it ’s unavoidable to ask your cat coming over to do something it does n’t like. However, if you want the cat to obey your instructions, you must do less of the thing that let it do what it doesn’t like just after it comes over. Because no amount of attraction and practice can change the cat’s bad associations and memories. If you want your cat to do things it doesn’t like, your can try to walk over to the cat and deal with it.

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