How We Can Learn From Cats to be Happy?

“Happiness is the only thing that doubles when you share it”

Albert Schweitzer already knew that, who could only have thought of our beloved velvet paws. Because living with them enriches every single day and gives us many wonderful moments. But what exactly is happiness between us and our cats?

What is happiness for cats and how can you tell whether your cat is happy?

Everyone has their own interpretation of happiness. But what does happiness look like for our velvet paws? How do I recognize a happy cat?

Of course, our darlings cannot answer this question in human language, which is why you have to draw conclusions about your own powers of observation and a bit of empathy.

Signs of a happy cat can include:

  • Desire to discover something new
  • attention
  • Use of the litter box
  • Regular body care (cleaning behavior)
  • Use of scratching opportunities
  • Curiosity and play instinct
  • Exploration behavior
  • Free movement in the cat household
  • designing your own daily routine
  • and of course a healthy appetite for your favorite food

What can we do to make cats happy?

Nobody knows your velvet paw as well as you. That alone is a good prerequisite for making your cat happy, because you know its likes and dislikes. Accordingly, you can optimally shape the life of your velvet paw. But what does a cat need to be happy? It is much more than simply meeting basic needs such as nutrition, hygiene and sleep. Happiness is also defined for cats through personal development.

Here are some tips for a happy cat for you:

  1. If you spend a lot of time with your cat, you will learn more about their needs and body language and see how they change.
  2. Provide more variety if you offer your velvet paw many climbing opportunities, scratching opportunities and unusual sleeping places.
  3. Domestic cats can also discover a lot outdoors if they have a cozy free space by the window. This quenches the urge to discover.
  4. To encourage the curiosity and playfulness of your purring favorite, surprise him, for example, with a self-made toy .
  5. You can promote a healthy appetite by surprising your cat with different menus every day.

You can find out how you can do something good for your darling in our article ” 5 tips for relaxed cats “.

How can we learn from cats to be happy?

Our self-determined velvet paws know their needs and know exactly what is good for them. This is not only a key to happiness for cats, but also a trait that we humans can learn from them. This way you can also find your way to your own happiness. But what behaviors can you learn from your cat? How do cats make us happy?

  • Cats  are a pleasant company.  Seeking the healthy mix of closeness and giving each other his freedom is also the key to intimate relationships in social life with other fellow human beings and creates intensive bonds like between you and your velvet paw.
  • Cats  cuddle for a reason.  This behavior is not only an expression of their love for you, but also has a relaxing effect and leads to the fact that the body produces happiness hormones – both with your velvet paw and with you.
  • Cat purr  soothes and ensures well-being.  The gentle hum that sounds when your cat has made yourself comfortable on your lap and you caress your darling is almost meditative. You can read about the meaning of the unique purring of the cat in the article “Cat purring “.
  • Cats  teach serenity.  Everyone knows this feeling: Sometimes you just have to break out of everyday life and slow down. This reduces stress and promotes mindfulness for everything that happens around us. In the end you can relax better and find yourself.
  • Cats can enjoy.  Our cats love to celebrate moments of pleasure. It will also have a positive effect on you if you do something good every now and then and linger in beautiful moments.
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