Make Cat Games Yourself: Tips for Indoors

Cats like to play for their lives. Games in which humans actively participate are particularly attractive for the four-legged friends. Here are some tips for you and your little darling at home.

Cats in the apartment need a lot of variety – that’s why you need to bring action into everyday cat life. Most of these games do not require extensive preparation. For many of the tips, you will already have all the utensils at home.

“Mouse hunt” for indoor cats

Indoor cats like to be in action – challenge your cat to a game of movement. Take a simple string and hide behind a door or something similar. Then pull the cord towards you and make it disappear in front of the cat’s eyes. Your house cat will not be able to resist this game because it addresses a key stimulus. According to the “catch the mouse” principle, your kitty will pounce on the loose end. Alternatively, let the cord disappear under a blanket instead of behind the door.

However, a paper ball can also serve as a “mouse” and let it roll over the floor. Discarded table tennis balls, surprise egg pods filled with peas or rice grains or homemade mice made from old socks, scraps of fabric and a pinch of catnip are also very popular.

Make caves and tunnels as cat games yourself

Cats are drawn into caves and narrow spaces, because your little house tiger is naturally curious. Thus also a indoor cat can pursue their urge to explore, you can surprise your little darling with a cave. Place a blanket or box with loopholes in a place where the house cat likes to stay or sleep. Put a small treat in the cave as a surprise. You can also provide several boxes with entrances and exits, place them one behind the other and thus create a tunnel. If there are still treats to discover in the tunnel or paper balls rustling great, that’s even nicer for your fur nose.

Little climbers

The apartment ideally offers cats climbing opportunities. This is important because your little darling wants to go high. Create targeted increased places and climbing opportunities for your house cat, for example by connecting furniture or the cat tree . You can make a wooden plank, work with carpets, fabrics, hammocks or the like. If you like, you can set up a small climbing course for the cat around the living room. In our guide ” Build a climbing wall for cats yourself: Tips ” you will find further ideas for a climbing paradise in your own four walls.

Tinker intelligence games for cats

So that your house cat is also mentally challenged a little, you can make intelligence toys yourself. It is best to collect empty kitchen and toilet paper rolls, cardboard boxes and paper scraps. Then you can, for example, fill paper balls in a box and hide treats in between that your kitty has to look for. Or you can hide the treats in empty toilet paper rolls and stuff crumpled paper into them at both ends – will your cat get the treats?

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