Raising a Cat: Preventing Jealousy

If you want to raise your cat, you will be faced with a major challenge, especially if you are jealous of two or more animals. These tips are intended to help you prevent jealousy and not endanger the harmony between your pets …

Jealousy between cats can arise both when a new cat has moved in and in well-rehearsed teams. Often, the cat owner now tends to pamper and protect the source of jealousy while trying to raise the other cat by  scolding her for her behavior in jealousy . Unfortunately, this cannot prevent the problem, but usually makes it worse.

Preventing jealousy in cats: you can do that

If you want your cats to understand each other well, especially when moving in with a second cat, you should make sure that your first pet doesn’t feel neglected or even replaced. You can achieve that with small gestures. For example, always give her the food bowl and the treat first. She is also greeted first.

If it gets uncomfortable between the two: distract your velvet paws. Playing helps if you want to prevent jealousy, for example throw with treats, both of which have to chase after – this is fun for almost all cats.

Also, be consistent in cat education to avoid jealousy. What one cat is not allowed to do, the other cannot, no exceptions. Also, do not force your loved ones close, for example by putting them together in the basket, because arguments are inevitable. Let them decide how fast or how slowly they want to get used to each other!

Before there is a crisis: pull the emergency brake

If you  pay attention to small signals in the  cat language between your pets, you will usually notice at an early stage that quarrels between your pets are starting. Then various tricks help you to prevent them. If one of your house tigers reacts with jealous looks when you pet the other cat, you can, for example, work on getting a more positive attitude. After each petting session, dedicate yourself all the more to your other cat to make it clear that it is a good thing that your roommate is being petted: namely that you will come to her shortly.

Play with the two when stress is on the way because it distracts. Also avoid for a while situations that you experience as critical. 

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