Scratching Furniture Made of Corrugated Cardboard for Cats

Are you a cat lover and looking for a nice place to relax for your darling? Then scratched furniture made of corrugated cardboard is the right choice for you. Cats love cardboard boxes of all kinds and seem to be it formally dressed, whether as a shelter or cat toys . The problem is that, for example, a new shoe box does not necessarily fit into a tidy home. Since a cat tree is one of the absolute basic equipment for keeping a cat, the right product should not only be well chosen for the home but also for the development and well-being of your favorite.

For every cat lover it is important to have not only the tastiest food and sufficient cat toys for your pet but also a cat furniture that fits well into the picture of the facility and also gives the kitten a lot of joy.

Choosing the right product is not easy because there are a variety of options. For the owner, the right design certainly plays a role, while the quality and functionality should not be neglected. A piece of furniture that looks good but quickly breaks down due to poor quality neither gives people or animals much pleasure. But with the right choice, it is possible to combine functionality with a tasteful design without breaking the budget. So the daily joy of the animal can also be a beautiful piece of furniture for us. Since cats scratching furniture except for scratch also like to sleep and relaxthis cat toy is very suitable for our pets. Here could be a scratch furniture made of corrugated be just the ticket.

Cats should be able to sharpen their claws, but not on the upholstered furniture. So buy your darling rather special scratching furniture. Stylish cat furniture made of high-quality cardboard is the trend.

What are scratched cardboard furniture?

The scratch furniture made of corrugated cardboard are firstly a real alternative, and, on the other, a fitting complement to the already popular cat trees and scratching boards for cats . There is a wide selection of lovingly designed variants, from the small cat lounge to the scratching post. The different loungers and scratching posts are made of cardboard and are available in all sizes, shapes and variants. With a little skill you can make the scratching furniture out of corrugated cardboard yourself, the instructions for this can be found online today and also as video instructions.

Why corrugated cardboard?

Scratching furniture made of corrugated cardboard has several advantages over conventional cat furniture with sisal and plush. The shredded and sometimes terrible looking pieces are a thing of the past thanks to the cardboard. However, the biggest advantage in the processing of cardboard is certainly the fact that they ecologically and sustainably is because it is made from natural, renewable resources.

In addition, the cat loungers and scratching surfaces are particularly light and very flexible due to the material and can therefore be easily moved and moved around in the apartment. Once the piece of furniture is worn out, it can easily be disposed of in the paper waste and thus recycled again. Since most cardboard boxes are made from waste paper, this also protects the environment.

What is special about the cardboard material in terms of its use as a scratching option?

The material is ideal for claw care and for sharpening the claws, without being noticed as scratching furniture in most cases. Due to their quality, the standard cardboard furniture is just as robust and durable as wooden products. If you choose high-quality products, their stability is in no way inferior to that of comparable products.

What types of scratching furniture made of high quality cardboard are there?

Furniture and cardboard come in a variety of different creations and shapes, and you can also make them yourself as an enthusiastic craftsman.

The simplest lounge available for cats can be used for scratching as scratching cardboard as well as a bed for sleeping or relaxing. For this purpose, the pieces are usually designed in a curved shape and are also available as simple beds in multi-storey shapes. In addition to the versions that are easy to place on the floor, there are also very attractively designed wall solutions, which on the one hand can give the apartment an interesting eye-catcher and on the other hand offer the cat a wonderful opportunity to climb and are ideal as a viewpoint with a good overview. Of course, the offer is complemented by a wide selection of scratching posts.

Due to the different shapes and designs, you can definitely find the right product for your darling, which also goes well with the furnishings.

What should you pay attention to when buying cardboard furniture for the cat?

If you want to enjoy the purchased piece long you should make sure that quality cardboard in the production is used. Because this cardboard is made of waste paper, it is environmentally friendly and easy to dispose of. The right choice of quality also ensures the desired stability of the product.

In addition, the selected product should of course meet the requirements for the functionality and preferences of the cat.

When choosing the right cat furniture, make sure that there are no sharp edges or shapes on which the animal could get injured.

Most products are made of multiply folded material and processed with odorless glue. Finally, you should think about where you want to place or attach the piece of furniture in the apartment.

What should be considered when caring for the cardboard scratching furniture?

Caring for cardboard scratching furniture is very pleasant and easy. Either with the vacuum cleaner vacuum, wipe short or just beat. If the scratching furniture is worn out, it can be disposed of easily and in an environmentally friendly manner in paper waste. The advantageous care of such a cat furniture certainly often speaks for this choice.

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