Scratching Posts in Several Cats: How Many do You Need?

Do you have several cats and wonder how many scratching posts are needed? There are a few rules that you should follow.

A scratching post for one or two cats

The rule of thumb is that a cat needs at least one tree that can sleep. If you have a cat tree for two cats, it should definitely be big enough. Double-stemmed or full-height cat trees are recommended here, so that both velvet paws can get out of the way. If every cat is on its own lounging area on the scratching post, both should be satisfied. The selection of scratching posts of sisal or other materials is large.

Two trees for three velvet paws

Once you have more than two cats, you should get another tree for your velvet paws. After all, scratching posts have important functions . For example, cats see the scratching posts as their territory and would certainly feel uncomfortable sharing a tree with several other house tigers. Important: Pay attention to stability when choosing. Because as soon as several animals meet with a playful mind, wild frolicking is inevitable.

Multiple cats, multiple options

If you keep a particularly large number of cats at home, make sure that no more than two cats have to share a tree. In this case, in addition to the scratching posts, you can also provide alternative rest and play options such as cat houses or smaller scratching posts. After all, several cats should have several options.

Scratching posts: where to put them?

The best place for the cat tree is a quiet place in the apartment. Because the four-legged friends want to be alone on their climbing tree. Tip: Observe where your cat likes to be to find the right place. For example, a quiet corner in the living room is well suited, but also the bathroom, the hallway or the bedroom. Also make sure that the room is always freely accessible so that your velvet paw can reach its favorite place at any time. If the fur nose retreats into a dark cave of the scratching post, it definitely wants to be alone, respect that.

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