Sensible Fur Care for Cats:Regular Brushing and Combing a Must

The right coat care for short-haired cats and long-haired cats

Whether young or old, purebred or from the street, all cats have one thing in common. They all have fur. Naked cats are neglected in this article, because it is the grooming go. You should pay a lot of attention to your pet’s fur, and not just because it is spread all over the place.

How do you take good care of your cat’s hair? What are the differences between short hair, medium length and long hair? How does your cat get used to regular brushing? These and other questions are to be answered below so that you can shine your favorite pet with a clear conscience and feel comfortable.

Why grooming is so important?

Grooming should not be underestimated, especially for domestic cats. Even if it is not time to change the fur , your cat will lose a lot of hair , which will stick to the body and between the still anchored hair. Cats are very clean animals and often lick their fur to clean . In return for free-roaming cats, the conspecifics scurrying around at home can lose loose hair in much less places. You swallow the hair while brushing your fur, which means that after a long time they have to choke up a ball of hair. This is not a problem in itself, as long as there are only a few hairs that migrate into the stomach when the fur is licked. However, if there are many, your cat may experience severe complaints. Especially for the change of fur from winter to summer fur or vice versa, it is important to brush away the annoying hair from the cat fur.

Grooming in cats is a must

Another important reason for grooming is to prevent the fur from becoming matted, which can also result in an unhappy and unhealthy cat. A matted fur means germs and dirt, which in turn get into the inside of the body during personal care. So it is extremely important to clean the fur.

Cats do not like unsolicited visitors to our bodies any more than we humans do. Grooming after a stay outdoors is used to remove plants and insects, and you can quickly see if your cat has sustained an injury.

How do you properly care for the cat’s fur?

There is a lot to consider when grooming. The first pre-warning, showering or washing your cat with water, should only be considered if you have a cat that is inclined to water, or is really necessary because the cat is extremely dirty. Because with a few exceptions, cats are actually water-shy according to the generally accepted view. The “forced” washing is out of the question for the cat of the world. If you decide to wash your cat under water, be careful to spare your eyes, nose and ears, ideally you should put on a pack of plasters, because hardly a cat can be washed without a fight.

Regular brushing and combing – how often?

Normally, it should suffice your cat regularly brush . Regularly means for short-haired cats in two days to weekly basis and for long-haired cats daily is best . Cats with medium length hair should also keep a tendency towards daily treatment.

The right tool for brushing is the comb and the brush. However, since these are not particularly popular among cats, there is an alternative. The grooming glove , a glove with nubs in which catch the loose hair. In the glove model, it is a good idea to stroke the cat halfway with gentle pressure.

Offers grooming gloves for cats

When using a comb or brush, there are some rules that you should follow.

First of all, it is important to be careful because the brush pulls and can be very uncomfortable for your darling. It should therefore always be brushed in the direction of the fur. It starts with the legs, slowly work your way up to the back. Only when the entire back is brushed do you move on to the stomach. With occasional pats or a snack in between, they can keep the animal happy.

For long and medium-length hair, it is first necessary to lift the fur lying higher up and to brush the underlying fur. Depending on the length of the hair, it is advisable to carry out several brushing runs. It is particularly important for long hair to never pull against the direction of the fur to avoid pain for you and your cat.

Offers for cat brushes

The habit thing

Many cat owners know it. If the brush appears, you can look for your cat in vain. What can you do about it? Familiarize the cat with the brush or comb as soon as possible. To make the first contact, you can position the suspicious object around the cat for a few days and not move it. During this time, you can spoil the cat near the brush and spend a lot of time there.

The moment of truth will be when you use the brush for the first time. Carefully stroke your cat, followed by short brush inserts. She’ll probably fight back because it’s an uncomfortable feeling. But they mustn’t give up. If the cat runs away, you have to start over. Intensify the stroking and keep the brushing phases very short at first. Constantly extend them with various rewards. You need to be patient and work with the brush a little longer each day. At some point, your cat will have completely got used to the procedure and, at best, will have positive experiences with it.

The diet and the fur

Nutrition also plays a big role in your cat’s fur. Bald spots in the fur indicate malnutrition. In order to keep the coat smooth and shiny, you can mix in vitamins and minerals such as zinc and copper in addition to the meal. With its unsaturated fatty acids, salmon is also a good food supplement. Not directly visible, but still noticeable for your cat, is the intake of malt, which supports the digestion of your cat and thus prevents constipation from the swallowed hair.

Conclusion: grooming is important

Grooming is important for every cat to protect it from diseases. Cats with long hair in particular need regular brushing and care units. Water should only be used in an emergency, unless your cat likes the water and even then eyes, nose and ears must be protected. Grooming is not always pleasant for your pet. Make sure you get used to it as soon as possible to avoid protests and time-consuming searches. Nutrition also plays an important role when it comes to grooming, both in terms of appearance and health. A bald spot in the fur can mean malnutrition.

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