Stop Cats From Scratching Wallpaper: Tips

Weaning cats off scratching wallpaper is not easy and requires patience, calm and consistency. However, the training is worthwhile and saves cat owners a lot of frustration and renovation work if successful. 

In our last guide we described possible causes of unwanted wallpaper scratching. In order to stop cats from scratching wallpaper, it is important to know the reasons for their behavior. If this is the case, you can start to tackle the causes.

Stop cats scratching wallpaper: eliminate causes

If too few scratching possibilities are to blame for the behavior of your four-legged friend, you should increase the apartment in this regard. One to two places per room should allow your kitten to sharpen its claws. It’s nice if you provide different options for this. Scratching posts, scratching waves, or simple scratching boards on the wall in combination with each other make claw sharpening a pleasure. Here are a few examples.

Rub new scratches with catnip to make them even more appealing to your cat.

If you suspect that his hunting behavior will encourage your room tiger to scratch wallpaper, you should have him neutered. Because this is often accompanied by other undesirable behavior, such as marking and loud muttering, this is the best option.

If boredom is the cause of the clawing on the wallpaper, the best way to get rid of your cat is to get more attention. Schedule regular seasons, try to keep her busy with intelligence toys like a fiddle board , and provide her with a large scratching post to play with.

If your cat is kept alone, consider a second cat to let off steam to your heart’s content. Freedom can also help and help you to stop scratching the wallpaper.

Training to stop your cat from scratching wallpaper

In all attempts to eliminate the causes of wallpaper scratching, your cat may still have got used to it and may not understand why it should stop now. Now it’s up to you to make this clear to her.

The important thing is: be consistent instead of scolding. Scolding usually does not help at all or leads to the opposite of the hoped-for effect. Being consistent means: Every scratch on the wallpaper (really on every one) is followed by a strict command “No!” Then put your cat on their scratching post or other alternative where scratching is desired.

If your kitten does it well, praise it. You can also do this if your cat visits the scratching post instead of the wallpaper. It may take a while for your training to take root – be patient and stay tuned, it’s worth it.

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