The Best Cat Tree for Maine Coon Cats

A stable cat tree for big cats is especially recommended for Maine Coon

The size of the Maine Coone cat is impressive. It is the largest cat breed among domestic cats and its character is paired with savagery and gentleness. They are generally considered loving and intelligent at the same time. Not least because of this, her wonderful character makes her a very popular cat breed.

All Maine Coon cats are known for their extraordinarily tall stature. For this reason, you can also stand out among the other big cats. To ensure that these animals feel comfortable with their scratching post, attention should be paid to the generous and robust design of the scratching post for Maine Coon . The Maine Coons are wild beauties that achieve a corresponding weight and an impressive size. The same applies of course to Norwegian Forest Cats and Ragdoll, which are also larger than ordinary house cats.

Imposing size for house tigers

The Maine Coon females weigh about 7 kilograms and the handsome tomcat often even weigh 10 kilograms. A normal cat tree can of course here quickly come to its limits. Only if a cat tree is stable enough will it not tip over or wobble if a full-grown Maine Coon cat jumps on it and romps about it. In addition to the lack of stability, the lying areas of an ordinary cat tree are often not sufficiently dimensioned.

cat tree for large cat breeds should therefore be very robust, stable and also very high. This ensures that adult Maine Coons and other heavy and large breeds of cats can use the cat scratching post without any problems. The lying areas should be sufficiently dimensioned. Sufficient size and stability should not only be ensured for larger cats. These criteria should not be underestimated in multi-cat households either. A scratching post for cats 2 should therefore also be able to endure a lot of stress.

Offers scratching posts for Main Coon and other large and heavy cats

The right cat tree for Maine Coon

How stable the scratching post is is of course particularly dependent on the base plate. Important in the cat tree for large breeds is that it is sufficiently heavy and large. Of course, the stable base plate doesn’t help much if the rest of the construction is defective. Scratching posts for big cats should ideally consist of massive solid wood and not from cheaper pressboard or similar low-quality materials. If the materials are too cheap, the joy is lost very quickly, there is even a risk of injury for the XL room tiger.

Maine Coon fans repeatedly state that many models fail the practical test with Maine Coons. With a cat scratching post for heavy cats, not only the appearance is crucial, but the conditions at home must always be taken into account. After all, the cat tree should always hold for a long time and stand securely. Therefore, special attention should be paid to high-quality workmanship with robust materials. Higher acquisition costs usually pay off due to its long shelf life. Especially with large and / or heavy cats, quality clearly comes before a cheap bargain.

Wide ceiling tensioner for a stable stand

Instead of a slim cat tree with many features, such as scratch barrels, caves and an infinite number of toys, it is better to choose a simpler and wider specimen. So-called ceiling tensioners, which can be firmly clamped under the ceiling, would also be recommended in order to provide even more stability and stability. A stable scratching post for XXL cats therefore offers a high level of stability and the scratching posts will not tip over or sway even with the frolicking romp.

It is also important with the cat tree that the processing and material are correct. Important factors for the cat tree are the solid screw connection, the sufficiently large components, the solid parts, the strong sisal for scratching and the robust fabric quality. Of course, the big room tigers on the cat tree also want to move around while climbing and playing.

If the animals stretch while sleeping or resting, they would also like to do so unhindered. The cuddly baskets, the hammocks and the platforms should never be too small. For this reason, a cat tree for heavy cats can always be optimally tailored to the needs of Maine Coon cats. The heavy and big cats finally practice climbing, jumping and playing great pressure on the scratching post and this is clearly different as dainty cousins.

The cat owners should not be convinced by an attractive design, but what is important for the cat tree for large cat breeds are the durable material, the safety, the robust workmanship and also the generous dimensions.

What else should you watch out for?

A Maine Coon is not a small domestic cat and therefore a little more space is required. For very small apartments, keeping this cat breed is only recommended to a very limited extent.

A stable cat tree should therefore be very generous in size and ideally be as high as a ceiling and offer sufficiently large lying areas. The tree is the most stable and offers enough space to play and climb.

In addition, it can also be used for the actual purpose of sharpening the claws . Sufficiently robust and extra thick sisal trunks ensure that the tree can easily master this load without having to be repaired or disposed of after a short time. Cheap pressboard should be avoided for the material.

Character and idiosyncrasy

Main Coon cats are socially and socially attuned and yet a retreat is also needed. A cat scratching post is a great option here. It is important for the animals that they can get bored relatively quickly. The animals need self-employment and especially if you are working, a second cat can be purchased.

The Maine Coon cats are socially attuned and they get along well with other pets. The other cat does not necessarily have to be a Maine Coon. The Maine Coon cats are generally very robust and are actually real free-range cats. Often, however, the Maine Coon cat is not allowed out and is kept as a purely domestic cat.

Stay away from cheap scratching posts – quality pays off

If the cats are kept as house cats, then the cat tree is a good option. If you are looking for a scratching post for large pedigree cats, then you should stay away from cheap scratching posts and cheap offers. The grown-up cats in particular become big and heavy and the sleeping places here should not be too small. A stem is not suitable, but a correct stem is needed. Just a scratching post with thick sisal trunkscan withstand the stress effectively and for a long time. It is not uncommon for the tree to endure not just one Maine Coon cat, but even several.

Conclusion: a scratching post for Main Coon cats

A special cat tree for Maine Coon is very important if you have a very large cat. You should definitely stay away from cheap scratching posts, since the processing and stability often leave a lot to be desired. The strain caused by large breeds of cats is sometimes quite high and you usually don’t have much pleasure in cheap models. But not only the joy is a problem, you should always think about the risk of injury. So rather invest a little more money in something decent.

Criteria should include cat trees with sufficiently large and stable lying areas / levels, as well as thicker sisal trunks. The stems should be at least 10 centimeters in diameter. Stability is always more important than height. There are now some scratching posts to buy, which have been specially developed for heavy and large cats. Especially when cheaper models are bought, they can collapse or fall under the weight of the cat.

Is the price really worth it?

Of course, the scratching post is for Maine Coonnot exactly cheap, but it can last for several years. The purchase can be particularly worthwhile if not only one cat is kept. The price can also be put into perspective if you consider that cheap models have to be discarded after just a few years, some already depending on the load, after a few months. Many models have an elegant design and the scratching posts are a real eye-catcher in the home. In addition to the look, the solid workmanship is also very important. Many of the scratching posts offer a natural, robust material and some of the scratching posts also have complete climbing landscapes, caves and lying areas. Some scratching options are also important for the Maine Coon cats. The cat tree for Maine Coon should therefore be very stable, because where normal domestic cats weigh up to 4 kg, the Maine Coon is also 9 to 10 kg. The Maine Coon cats are varied and therefore there are plateaus, tunnels and caves for playing and for fun.

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