The Best Vacuum Cleaner for Cat Hair

Which vacuum cleaner works best against cat hair?

special vacuum cleaners for cat hair is essential, makes good sense for all cat owners. Cat hair is certainly one of the more annoying properties of cats. They are so fine that they fly around and spread all over the place. Like almost everyone, dogs or cats lose a lot of hair every day. In spring, the animals shed particularly hard because they lose their winter fur. Anyone who has ever cuddled with a long-haired cat on her lap, who knows how unruly cat hair can be and how difficult they can be removed again.

If you do not want to shave your cat bald, you should make sure that not too much cat or dog hair is distributed in the apartment for the benefit of the guests and for your own health. If cat hair gets into the airways of allergy sufferers or infants, it can have bad consequences. Some people have probably heard or read about cat hair allergies. However, a widespread misunderstanding should first be clarified here. Even if cat hair plays an important role in the spread of allergens and is not at all beneficial for the respiratory tract, it is not the actual cause of an allergy. Rather, a cat allergy or cat hair allergy is triggered primarily by allergens, some of which are contained in the saliva, in the tear fluid and in the dander of the skin of cats. Daily cleaning of the apartment with an animal hair vacuum cleaner is recommended in many ways. Here we present some good vacuum cleaners for cat and dog hair.

The bestselling vacuum cleaner for animal hair

Clean all surfaces daily with a cat hair vacuum cleaner

Daily cleaning with a vacuum cleaner for cat hair should become a daily ritual for cat lovers. After all, cat hair has the property that it is very persistent. They penetrate very deeply into upholstery or thick carpets, so that the apartment never looks really clean. In the worst case, carpets, upholstery, beds and cupboards are littered with cat hair. Of course, it also plays a role in how often a cat is brushed and the surfaces are cleaned. Every cat lover should get into the habit of cleaning all surfaces every day with a powerful animal hair vacuum cleaner.

What should be considered when making a purchase?

When buying a vacuum cleaner, you should always pay attention to good quality. This is very important, especially when removing animal hair. Here the device should have good suction power. Inexpensive devices do the extensive work insufficiently. A good vacuum cleaner against cat hair should have different attachments and must be very powerful. Vacuum cleaners for dogs and cat hair are available with and without bags. A vacuum cleaner with a bag has the advantage that all cat hair is kept clean in the bag and can be removed from the device after a few cleaning operations. How often a bag needs to be changed depends on the type of cat and size of the rooms. Bags for vacuum cleaners can be bought in almost every drugstore, supermarket or discounter. If you don’t want to spend extra money on a vacuum cleaner, you should choose a bagless device. These devices also work very powerfully and keep the cat hair closed in the system. A disadvantage of these devices is that cat hair can escape when the container is fulled.

Remove cat hair with a vacuum cleaner

The size of a room should also be considered when buying a cylinder vacuum cleaner. Otherwise the bag or container would have to be changed too often. Cylinder vacuum cleaners with an attachment for upholstered furniture can be used ideally for cleaning all armchairs and the couch. Cats love it when they can make themselves comfortable on the couch. They leave little balls on cat hair. This hair can be completely removed with a special pad. The couch looks like new again and there is always a clean place available for guests. Otherwise it could be very embarrassing if a guest sits on the couch with dark trousers and afterwards the trousers are full of cat hair.

How can you counteract cat or dog hair in the apartment?

First of all, it is very important that the animal is brushed daily. In addition, the floor and all surfaces should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner with a strong suction power. A special attachment for animal hair is necessary for this. Without this attachment, a lot of hair would not be sucked up properly by the vacuum cleaner. Such a device should have good exhaust air filtration. Otherwise, it could smell very unpleasant of animal hair when sucking. The vacuum cleaner for cat hair should also work very quietly. This has the advantage that neighbors and other household members not only feel disturbed by the noise. A vacuum cleaner with animal hair attachment and attachment for upholstered furniture is a must for all animal lovers. Most high-quality models are already available today for a fair price. Furthermore, Robotic vacuums ensure regular cleaning and always ensure floors are free of cat hair.

The bestselling robotic vacuum cleaner

Children and allergy sufferers need special protection

Cat hair is very unruly and can cause severe allergies. Children can also react to red hair or itchy eyes on cat hair. It is therefore particularly important that basic equipment is available for daily cleaning of the different areas. As a rule, a high-quality vacuum cleaner with all accessories costs around 100-200 dollers. Many devices are not only very powerful, they are also very durable. Therefore, they are an investment that is definitely worthwhile for health and general well-being within your own four walls. A vacuum cleaner for cat hair is often equipped with stable rollers. Therefore, the vacuum cleaner can be pulled into all rooms without any problems. 

It usually has a long cable and a flexible hose. High quality models are made of a special plastic. The vacuum cleaners do not break quickly and therefore ensure order and cleanliness every day. Should the performance of a device deteriorate. Should the bag or the collecting container be checked once. A look into the hose can also be very advisable, because if small cat toys or a ball of fur is sucked up, it can quickly get caught in the hose. In most cases, shaking the hose vigorously solves this problem on its own. 

Vacuum cleaner pet hair experiences

In our experience, there is no perfect vacuum cleaner for cat hair. However, with sufficient suction power and filtering (here we recommend water filtering), good performance can be achieved. Even if performance is not everything. The overall package must be right. This also includes the appropriate accessories, such as animal hair brushes. A special vacuum cleaner attachment also helps animal hairgood to remove from all cracks. Good models include Dyson, Thomas and Siemens. All three manufacturers offer different approaches, but clearly stand out from the rest. Of course, most manufacturers now offer good models that successfully fight against all cat and dog hair.

Removing cat hair with a powerful vacuum cleaner is routine for every cat owner. However, in no case should you cut back on quality, as this is one of the most important for the effective removal of cat hair. The power and associated suction power should therefore be given special attention. 

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