The PerfectFood for Your Cat

The right feeding place ensures pleasure for cat tongues and eyes

Do you want to give your little darling only the best? Then a nice feeding place for your velvet paw is just the thing. Here you can read what the ideal cat bowl looks like. You will find out which feeding places the four-legged friends prefer to eat from and why a drinking fountain encourages your cat to drink enough.

Which cat bowl fits best?

For many it may be just a small, shiny bowl, but cats are extremely picky about their bowl. This usually begins with each velvet paw wanting its own bowl. When it comes to food, even the most meek cat becomes a diva. The shape of the feeding bowl is also important: Velvet paws with a flat nose need a flat bowl. And cats with particularly long whiskers are also happy about a flat bowl, because their tactile hair does not constantly touch the edge of the bowl.

Incidentally, the perfect cat bowl is easy to clean and difficult to move. That is why modern models are provided with small rubber stoppers on the floor. We also recommend bowls made of high-quality materials such as enamel, porcelain or stainless steel. These materials are not only particularly hygienic, they also set visual highlights. Current bestsellers are unusual shapes, noble table constructions and personalized bowls with the name of your own velvet paw. These give the cat’s feeding place a very individual character.

Pure magic: moment of pleasure at the feeding place

Who doesn’t know this magical moment when the cat eats from its new bowl for the first time? The careful steps, the initial hesitation and finally the bite into the delicious food. For us there is nothing better than this shared moment of pleasure. And best of all: if you regularly change the food bowl of your cat, your cat will continue to come to your feeding place – even if the magic of the new has already evaporated a bit. Let yourself be inspired by our diverse GOURMET assortment of different wet foods and change the bowl of your cat every now and then. By the way: You can find out more about the shared moment of pleasure with your velvet paw in our article: Pamper the cat.

Cat fountains provide a bubbly refreshment

In nature, cats are reluctant to drink from stagnant water. So if your velvet paw is a little hesitant about the water bowl, you can try a cat fountain. This is equipped with a small, energy-saving pump and keeps the water in motion. Due to the constant bubbling, the little darlings are encouraged to drink regularly.

TIP: How much should cats drink?

You can find out whether your cat is drinking too little or just enough with a simple rule of thumb. For every kilogram your cat weighs, it should consume 40-50 milliliters of water a day. But don’t worry if your little darling does not visit his watering hole so often. A large part of the daily needs are covered by the velvet paws through the wet food.

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