Tips for Traveling with Your Cat on The Train

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What do I have to consider when traveling with my cat on the train? Your can find some tips in our blog below.

Travelling with a cat on the train

Hardly any cat enjoys leaving its familiar surroundings. However, due to a change of residence or a longer journey, it may become necessary for the house cat to go on a journey from time to time. And if the master and mistress do not have a car at their disposal, the journey to the vet must also be made by public transport. Is that possible? Of course! With a few tips, travelling with your cat on the train is completely stress-free.

The preparation

One thing is especially important: safety first, for you and your cat – and all fellow travellers. Therefore, only a transport basket or textile cat bag approved exclusively for cats is suitable for transportation by public transport.

The more familiar your cat is with the cat basket, the more relaxed he will be on the day of travel. So make sure you get your cat used to its carrier bag in time. Instead of taking the basket out only for unpleasant trips in the car or for visits to the vet, you can bring it into the living area several days or even weeks in advance. Make the bag attractive for your cat: Valerian and catnip relax nervous cats and entice them to explore the box. You can also use pheromone sprays like Feliway and Felifriend. These are modelled on the “feel-good hormone” that the cat spreads around its territory when wiping surfaces. Integrate the box into your daily play sessions. Once the fear of the large, unpleasant smelling box has disappeared, you can even try to lure your cat into the carrying bag with the help of a toy, a toy rod or a treat. Perhaps you would even like to offer your furry nose a meal in the transport basket? Important: Please do not close the door for the time being and make sure that your cat does not feel cramped! He may leave the box at any time. Reward her with a small snack.

During the journey

Finally, here we go! Ideally, you should have got your cat used to the transport box beforehand and loading was relatively uncomplicated and relaxed. Now you enter the bus or train and are probably even the only animal lover who carries a cat with him. Depending on the travel time you and your cat are exposed to many smells and noises, it might even be very hot or especially cold. Your cat has every right to be nervous! But what is the best way to calm down your furry nose?

Remember that not everyone likes cats, and some are even allergic to fur noses. Your cat should therefore stay safely in the transport basket during the journey. Depending on your cat’s character, he may get bored or complain out loud. However, please resist the urge to open the door of the transport bag or even put your cat on your lap to calm her down. Cats are agile animals and too quickly your furry nose will escape and become a danger to yourself and your fellow travellers. For the next few minutes or hours, you should limit yourself to crawling your cat through the bars of the transport basket and calming her down in a quiet voice.

Depending on the length of your journey, you may want to give your cat a little water and a treat in between. Travelling with your cat on the train is stressful and not every pelt-nose wants to drink during your stay on the bus or train. Despite thirst, many pelt-noses refuse to drink. Trusty animals can be given a disposable syringe without a needle to inject some liquid into the mouth on very long journeys. The zipper of the transport bag can be opened easily and the syringe can be handed in by hand. But don’t be hurt if your cat backs off or maybe even hisses at you. As always, safety comes first – please do not let your cat get away!

Depending on the weather, it can also get chilly on public transport. A cloth over the transport basket protects the cat from draughts. But not every furry nose likes to travel in the dark. But many transport bags like the Sturdibag have several windows, which close with Velcro and can be opened again as needed.

katze im zug

After the journey

Finally, arrived! After the journey with the cat in the train, you and your four-legged friend will probably be a bit wobbly on your feet at first. Give your furry nose and yourself a little rest. Calm your four-legged family member and leave the transport basket in the apartment for a few more days, if possible. This will give your cat the chance to have more positive experiences with the cat carrier before he goes on his next journey.

We wish you and your cat all the best!

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