What Accessories Should be Prepared for Your Cat?

Every velvet paw is unique. And your own home should also be unique: Whether individual designer cat furniture for the living area such as cozy cat beds, stylish scratching posts or fine cat accessories – we will show you which luxurious cat accessories you can really pamper your darling with. Make your home a place of wellbeing together with the right home accessories for velvet paws and people.

Stylish living with a cat: how does it work?

Great designer cat furniture enables you to live particularly stylishly with your cat. Fortunately, tasteless cat accessories that are best hidden during visits have long been a thing of the past. In the meantime, you can choose from a variety of luxurious designer cat furniture not only to fulfill your purpose, but also stylish home accessories for your darling. These can be seamlessly integrated into your stylish interior and thus enable a luxurious and comfortable living together – for you and your cat.

Velvety soft beds for real cuddly cats

Cats sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day. No wonder that our cats love cozy beds. There is nothing better for her than to snuggle up in a velvety soft pillow, relax and doze.

Since cats are particularly sensitive animals with a very good sense of smell, they especially enjoy the clean, cozy and secure atmosphere at their cat beds. Half-high beds with soft edges are particularly popular, so that your cat can lay her head down and watch everything around her. A small design highlight for your apartment could also be a square cat bed made of fine, quilted leather, which goes particularly well with dark parquet floors. A velvety pillow provides additional comfort for your darling.

Basically, velvet paws love everything that is soft and cozy. All kinds of carpets, terry towels and especially the bed of their owners. And because the little sleepy hats change their retreat several times during the day, they settle wherever they like. So it can happen that they leave the specially purchased designer bed to the left and declare the windowsill or a cardboard box standing around as their new favorite place.

Please note that cats need a suitable bed for every season. Especially when it gets cooler outside and the rain increases, cats prefer a place to warm up. Warming felt beds or soft plush baskets are just the thing! In summer, the velvet paws prefer to cool off a little while sleeping. On extremely hot days, you should not be surprised if you find your cat on the tiles in the kitchen or in the bathtub.

Designer scratching posts as modern decorative highlights

Gone are the days when you would have preferred to hide the scratching and climbing opportunities of your beloved velvet paw. Because modern designer scratching posts for cats are real eye-catchers and real design objects. They extend over several floors, have cozy caves and offer enough space for your cat to let off steam to their heart’s content. We particularly recommend specimens made from natural wood and sisal or from woven banana leaves. Most cats love to nestle there!

Homemade scratching posts are particularly popular. Here the variety of possibilities is infinite and the imagination of the owners has no limits. Whether unusual shapes, colors or materials: you decide what you like, can implement all of your cat’s preferences and in this way receive an unmistakable unique piece. In addition, you will feel the pride of having created something beautiful and unique for every cat’s play and climbing session. We recommend you a book named Make Your Own Cat Toys. This book shows you how to create new toys from old stuff in minutes.Fun, lighthearted and humorous, this book features over 50 toy ideas that are purrfect for cats and kittens who love to play, chase, swat, wrestle, stalk or simply laze around. The toys are so simple and easy to make that over half of them can be made in two minutes or less. With this many toy ideas, even the most finicky felines will find a few new favorites.

Well-being window sill

Not only is it particularly good to snooze in the sun on the windowsill, the events in the open air can also be observed excellently. Especially on colder days, a window sill over a radiator is the ideal place of wellbeing for your velvet paw. Your cat will love the cozy warmth combined with the great view.

With a soft, comfortable pillow, you can add a touch of style to the whole thing. This is how you create a little oasis of wellbeing for your darling that visually matches your interior.

For particularly cozy velvet paws, small hammocks are also a great idea, which can be attached to the radiator. If you choose this in the style of the rest of your home furnishings, you will create an eye-catcher instead of the otherwise bland radiator. If you also choose a very fluffy fabric, your cat will particularly enjoy lounging in the new cozy corner.

Fine accessories for your cat

Of course, you not only want to decorate your apartment tastefully, but also spoil your cat yourself with stylish accessories. With these fashionable and luxurious cat accessories, your velvet paw mixes right at the front. The selection of luxury accessories for cats is almost infinite and ranges from patterned scarves to name collars with rhinestones to jewelry collars that are set with Swarovski stones.

Trendy and cozy at the same time: the cat scarf

As individual as your cat is, so should your accessories. With a personalized cat scarf with name embroidery you give your darling a unique look. Cozy scarves and cute neckerchiefs are currently the trend. Whether crocheted or bought does not matter at all.

The most popular neckerchief patterns are the classic bandana look (dotted or red or blue with white highlights), large and small checks and bright colors. In contrast, the scarves focus on muted colors and simple knitting patterns. Different shades of brown and gray are combined with autumnal blue or a strong green.

Much more than just a piece of jewelry: the cat collar

The cat collar is a unique identifier for your velvet paw. Whether with bells, glittering stones or individual embroidery – your beloved cat always carries a piece of you with you.
For particularly noble cats, a cat collar with shiny rhinestones in silver or gold is the perfect companion and makes your darling sparkle irresistibly. Cat collars and pendants with a personal engraving are particularly individual. You can have these made for your velvet paw online and in many specialist shops. And we at GOURMET have long since recognized this trend and therefore gave beautiful and individually engraved heart tags to our VIC Lounge members on our pleasure tour.

But of course there are not only the noble cat accessories for your velvet paws. As a cat owner, you too can express your love for your four-legged friend in a variety of ways. Start the day with a delicious sip of coffee from the cat-style mug, wear your cat socks in the office and be inspired by your velvet paw when furnishing your home. For more inspiration, check out our article on gifts for cat lovers .

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