What Should You Consider When Buying a Scratching Post?

The opportunity to buy scratching posts cheap online is tempting – but what do you have to pay attention to?

The cat is people’s favorite pet. Keeping the velvet paws as species-appropriate as possible is fairly straightforward. In addition to food and water and a litter box and varied toys and at least part of a way to scratch the basic equipment . The selection and the possibilities are almost unmanageable. Read here what you buy from the cat tree should definitely pay attention. In addition to quality, requirements are also an important criterion. Buying a scratching post needs to be considered carefully. The quality and the requirements are an important criterion. A huge XXL cat scratching post, for example, makes little sense in a much too small apartment. Neither does a mini cat tree make sense for a large Maine Coon cat.

Why a cat tree is important

To keep a house cat humanely as possible, he also needed a way to make his to cut nails in a natural way . In the wild, the bark of a tree is used for this. However, more and more animals are kept exclusively in apartments. Thus, also this their urge to claw and body care can meet, they need at any time an appropriate way. If the velvet paw is not offered any special products, it inevitably grabs furniture and walls. Therefore, scratching boards or mats should be attached to strategically important locations .

In addition, in every cat household should also have a cat tree to be present. Because this has even more positive properties on the health and well-being of the animal.

In addition to grooming to wear off the claws, a cat tree also serves as a gym and playground, for example. Today’s products are usually built on several floors and allow climbing, jumping and stretching. The cats can retreat to the different berths without losing sight of their surroundings and family. Therefore, in most cases, scratching posts are happily accepted by the velvet paws and should not be missing in any household with cats.

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The different types of scratching posts

The easiest way is to put up a scratch tribe . The reasonably priced models consist of a vertical column that is firmly wrapped with a sisal rope. Cats that stand up straight and punch their paws in can shorten their claws. Such a model is particularly suitable for very small flats or as a second cat tree or as a travel scratching post to take away.

In addition to the small and inexpensive cat trees also increasingly be stable XXL Scratching Post bought, because they offer a variety of unfolding, sleeping and playing facilities and are in addition to their functionality still quite decorative.

Who calls more cats and / or very active Stubentiger its own should be a so-called buy ceiling attachment scratching post . This is characterized by its special stability, since it can also be attached to the ceiling.

If you like it a number more luxurious than the traditional cat tree, you can get an individual climbing landscape for your four-legged roommate. This product consists of individual elements that are attached to the room wall at different heights. Since the typical trunk with sisal rope, on which the cats can shorten their claws, is missing, cat boards or scratching mats are integrated into the climbing landscape. These should also be available next to a scratching post in the apartment. If the animal has already started to scratch wallpaper or furniture,

How much can or should a good cat tree cost?

The demand for suitable models is quite high and the range is correspondingly wide. In general, of course, it cannot be said how much a scratching post should cost, since there are very large differences in size, design, brands, quality and individual properties. Basically, however, you can say that there are suitable models from 50 euros upwards. There are of course hardly any limits. In order to find an optimal model, it is advisable to look at and compare different products. Reading reviews can also be helpful when making a purchase decision.

How big / high should a cat tree be?

It doesn’t always have to be a model that is huge and dominates the room. A tall cat tree is of course better suited because it is mostly more stable than the small, inexpensive models and can also be attached to the ceiling with a tensioner. It is not possible to tip over. Of course, several velvet paws also need a higher and more extensive model with several retreats. The lying surfaces must be large enough for your kitty to comfortably stretch out on them. Higher scratching posts offer more development and play options and are therefore more suitable for several or active animals.

What material should a scratching post be made of?

Scratching posts are made of several materials. The trunk or the trunks as well as scratching boards or scratching mats consist of a robust sisal rope . Lying areas or sleeping caves usually consist of a textile fabric. Fluffy soft fabrics such as plush, simple carpets and upholstery fabrics for furniture or jute are very popular. Here you should take into account the preferences of your house tiger.

What requirements should a good cat scratching post meet?

  • Of course, a cat tree must first of all be stable and robust. Before buying, make sure that the trunk is stuck.
  • The trunk should be made of wood because the inexpensive models with a cardboard tube do not last long.
  • Removable covers are easy to clean.
  • Real fur is a little more expensive, but most four-legged friends are happy to accept it.
  • Accessories that are already included in the scope of delivery do not need to be purchased separately and minimize costs.

Conclusion: Buy good cat scratching posts cheaply on the Internet

Cat owners should provide their velvet paws in their home with at least one scratching post in addition to various scratching mats or scratching boards. Because these serve both as a retreat, as a playground or for personal hygiene. In contrast to a scratching board, a cat tree offers more than just a simple scratching option. Even if cheap scratching posts are tempting because of their low price, they are not very useful in the long run and will soon have to be replaced. Because the manufacturers save on the cheap models of reasonable materials, which affects the quality.

Who is looking for a high quality cat tree at a fair price, should search his model on the Internet. The selection is larger, the purchase can be made around the clock and from anywhere and the goods are conveniently delivered to the front door. If you compare different models before buying, you will find the optimal product for the needs of your cats.

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