Where is the Best Place to Put the Cat Scratching Post?

After purchasing a cat scratching post, the question is often asked: Where is the ideal location for the new scratching post? Answer: It depends on the one hand on the apartment and on the other hand on the preference of the house tiger. In general, the place should not be “too loud” or “too boring”. A cozy place by the window is appropriate and acceptable for many velvet paws.

If a velvet paw moves into the apartment, an accessory for the beloved house tiger is very important. The scratching post is an important furniture for the pet, especially if the cat is mostly staying in the apartment. But also outdoor enthusiasts love the scratching furniture on which not only climbing, romping and resting can be done. Cats that are mostly kept on the premises need a way to play so that they are properly challenged and fully utilized. If the velvet paw does not move enough, obesity and illnesses can result. Scratching posts offer the right furniture for your cat to practice the all-important claw care and to romp and stretch out at their very own location.

Why a cat tree is so important to your cat

The claws of a cat dull over time, it is so important for the animal to have sharp claws in order to be able to grip with their “fingers” as well as possible. Young cats in particular like to try out their claws or consider it a game to scratch objects with these claws. So that your sofa, the walls of your apartment or other furniture does not suffer from the wild urge to play in your house tiger, the animal should be provided with high-quality scratching furniture where it can use its scratches and, if necessary, sharpen them themselves. This happens in the game processand is important for animal health. In order for the new claw layer to appear under the blunted claw, it has to scrape off the old, blunt remnants on a rough surface so that the new claw layer underneath comes out.

What should you watch out for if you want to buy a cat tree?

The scratching tree is a piece of furniture that should become a retreat for the beloved cat. The animal will spend a lot of time on the climbing tree for cats, so you should attach great importance to good workmanship of the furniture and high quality standards. The perfect cat tree is a real all-rounder. Here, room tigers can not only sharpen and sharpen their claws, but in the best case, the cat tree extends below the ceiling and thus offers plenty of space for climbing and playing. A nice, cozy place to sleep is part of a good cat tree.

When buying a cat tree, be sure to pay attention to the material from which it is made. Sisal hemp is best for scratching. Here the cat cannot get stuck like with other materials. The individual levels should also offer enough space for scratching and climbing, but for young cats these individual steps should not be too far apart so that the young kitten does not fall too deep when falling. Alternatively, you can lay out soft cushions around the scratching post for the young animal. The stability of the cat tree is equally important. It should be designed in such a way that it does not get out of balance and overturn when raging and playing. This is the only way to avoid accidents.
Height-adjustable scratching posts can grow with the cat and offer the animal fair opportunities to play, scratch and climb at any age.

Where is the best place to put the cat tree?

Most cat owners agree on this question. Cats like to look out the window and watch. The closeness to the loved one is also important for the animal. So if you ask yourself: where is the best place to set up the cat tree? you have to consider these things. Beautiful corners in the living room are best, where the animal can see the goings-on on the street from the window and is also close to its owner. Many cats love the comfort of scratching posts in corners . They know that no enemy can sneak in from behind and they have a good overview of the entire situation in their living space from the elevated position.

A second scratching post in another room is also an important element for cat owners. This way, the animal can also withdraw when the living room becomes too turbulent and the cat needs its rest. As an alternative, the bedroom is suitable so that the room tiger can also be close to its owner at night. If you have several cats, to avoid fights, you should set up several scratching posts in front of the window. When choosing the right location, it is important that the cat cannot get injured by protruding objects.

Of course, scratching posts should also somehow fit into the existing home furnishings. The cat may like a location in the middle of the room in some cases, but this central location is rather impractical. For small apartments, corner scratching posts are recommended, since you can use the corners of the rooms effectively with these scratching posts.

How do I get the cat used to the cat tree?

Do you have a young cat and want to get it used to the scratching post? Take your time! It is important that the cat, young or old, understands that the scratching post is a piece of furniture for her. Work with catnip or cat toythat you place on the first top surface of the cat tree, or rub the cat tree with the catnip. Cats love this smell and will be happy to track it down. However, this process can take a long time for suspicious animals. Do not despair, but try again and again to introduce your cat to the furniture. Once the cat has recognized the meaning and sharpened the claws on the cat tree, the animal will soon accept the new piece of furniture. You also need to be careful when changing from an old to a new cat tree. Cats don’t like the change, but broken trees still need to be replaced.

Probably the most important piece of furniture for cats

Owners of house tigers cannot avoid buying a scratching post. A high cat tree is perfect for the important claw care and as a lookout on which the cat rules over its people. Once the animal has got used to the raised position, they will love the new furniture.

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