Why do Cats Lie on Their Backs?

When cats lie on their backs, the situation is far from clear as it may seem to some. Cats are masters at expressing very different things with small signs. Read here what the supine position can be all about.

No, it is not always easy to understand your cat. For example, you barely entered a room and your kitty rolled on her back – what now? It depends on the reason for the action, which can go in very different directions.

Cats lie on their backs as a sign of trust

Your cat’s belly is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. If your cat trusts you completely, it may roll on its back to signal your absolute trust . So your companion is only showing that he has taken you to heart and trusts you. If the animal has just taken a nap, laying it on its back can also signal “I want to greet you, but I’m just too relaxed to come to you.” be.

If cats are on your back: play with me!

Especially when you pull a favorite toy out of your cat’s hat, such as a feather on a string, it can happen that your cat first lies on its back. You’d actually like to chase the toy , but just don’t have enough energy to do it. If you want to scratch your cat’s belly now, you are likely to provoke a teasing blow with your paw or a playful bite.

The supine position as a sign of defense

Especially if you have several cats, one of them may roll on its back as a gesture of submission. This type of behavior occurs, for example, when your velvet paw recognizes that there is someone in the area who is too tall to fight. Nevertheless: Even if the cat is submissive at this moment: it remains on alert and will stretch at least one of its paws up to be armed despite everything.

Why do cats sleep on their backs?

When cats sleep on their backs, this is the greatest sign of trust that a cat can give to its owners. This sleeping position shows that your cat feels very comfortable in your own four walls and has nothing to fear. Important: Don’t see this as an invitation to scratch your cat’s stomach. In most cases, your cat would be startled and think twice about sleeping on her back from now on.

Cats lie on their backs when they are sick

If your house tiger regularly falls aside and lies on its back, it could also be a serious health problem, for example hypoplasia of the cerebellum. The control of movements and balance is impaired. A ataxia , a disorder of movement coordination, could be a possible cause. However, in the course of such an illness, your cat would always fall over.

If your cat has trouble standing upright, it is better to stay indoors for your own safety. Be sure to consult a veterinarian.

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