Working With My Cat At Home

Shot of a pretty little cat looking the laptop while its owner working with him at home.

Especially in times of crisis, such as during the Corona epidemic, a workplace within your own four walls is worth its weight in gold. This is not the only reason why more and more companies offer home office or flexible office days. Self-employed people and freelancers or teachers who prepare for classes also spend a lot of time at their desks at home – and not alone. Because many people share their study with a velvet paw. How does coworking with a cat work? We give tips!

Is the cat allowed on the desk?

In contrast to the question about sleeping in bed, the answer to most cat lovers is: yes, of course! Because despite the odd hair in the keyboard and less room for the actual work, the velvet paw in the home office is very calming and takes the stress out of everyday work. If you do not want a cat on your desk, you should not allow any exceptions from the beginning. Make a comfortable sleeping place for the pelt-nose near you. If it wants to conquer the desk, set it down lovingly but consistently. Again and again…

Where does the cat best sleep on the desk?

You work – the cat sleeps. Wonderful, because a peacefully slumbering cat is both calming and inspiring. The cat slumber works best in a good sleeping place. Your velvet paw can go anywhere? Great. Many feel magically attracted to the lap or shoulder of their owner. But what fits for five minutes can become very uncomfortable after only half an hour. It’s better to give the cat its own sleeping place on the desk. Tip: If you have a large desk, you can put a cuddly round bed on it. This way your cat is very close to you. And you can move around in a relaxed manner and scratch his head from time to time. The fact that the cat’s paw lands on your keyboard from time to time is an “occupational hazard”.

Working with your cat at home: Creative breaks with a furry nose

Anyone who spends a long time filling out tables in a row or has just completed a difficult phone call benefits from five minutes of lightning relaxation. The cat is an ideal colleague for this. Grab your favourite toy – a ball, feather duster or a wad of paper – and let your furry nose go hunting. This strengthens the bond, trains the cat and lets you get back to work after a short break.

“Rules” for the home office with cat

The cat calls you whining to play, you are under a lot of time pressure? Basically it is important that you start the game units yourself. That way the cat will not get used to begging in the first place. However, if you have an apartment cat, you should make sure that it is fully occupied. This includes regular play and cuddling units with you. Single cats get bored very quickly anyway. So it is better to keep two velvet paws, which can keep each other busy. So you have more air to work. Cats that have a secured garden or outdoor area at their disposal can also politely ask you to leave when the pressure of work is high.

Which activity toys are suitable for cats?

If you want to concentrate on your work, you need rest. But what if the velvet paw would rather play? And right now! Immediately! Keep various activity toys ready for this case. These are all toys with which the pelt-nose can pass the time without your help. Here are some ideas for keeping your cat occupied

  • sniffing carpets filled by you beforehand with dry food or treats
  • put crumpled newspaper in a cardboard box and hide treats inside
  • Catnip or valerian cushion
  • various intelligence toys for cats
  • snackable toy balls
  • Fiddleboards in which you sprinkle treats

Variety makes the toys even more interesting. If you replace the sniffer carpet with another toy for a few days, the cat will pay more attention to it again after the break.

How to avoid cat chaos on the desk?

Especially with young velvet paws: Everything is exciting. So take it with humour when your four-legged friend tries to grab the pen, pats the monitor with his paw or makes himself comfortable on your mouse. You should make important documents inaccessible for your velvet paw. The cat could bite into it. With a little bad luck, a mishap could pour out of the cat’s stomach. For young or clumsy cats, place fragile cups with hot liquids as safely as possible. That means: far away from the cat. Do you like snacking at your desk? Watch out, the velvet paw might also be interested. Be careful if you store chocolate as nerve food next to the keyboard – it is poisonous for your furry nose.

Cute cat on the desk in the office.

Working with the cat at home: Protecting data

Especially young cats love to tap their paws on the keys of the keyboard. Therefore save your files regularly. This also applies if you leave the office for a short time. Some cat owners don’t notice the changes made by their velvet paw, which can be doubly annoying later on. So after pauses, check if the document is still on the “saved” status.

Beastly safe at work

Especially young cats are in danger of swallowing small parts or chewing on cables. Therefore: Stow paper clips, erasers or ink cartridges in drawers so that the velvet paw does not bite or swallow any of them. The best way to secure the cables from the PC, printer, Internet box and lamp is to pack everything into a cable tube. In time, you will be able to assess your velvet paw better. But first of all, don’t leave them in the office without supervision if there is any danger.

We wish you much pleasure and good cooperation with your velvet paw!

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